4 months ago
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which extracurricular activities are better?

hey guys, I'm an international student in my last year of high school and until now I don't have any stand-out extracurriculars, but I have some ideas. So please, tell me which ones do you think are better to make my application brighter :)

- research with my high school teacher

- found an astronomy club and make it "famous" in my community with open classes

- found a project focused on gender equality in my community providing speeches, fundraising for low-income girls, etc

- found an Instagram project to help Brazilian high school students to study abroad (just like I want to)

if you have any other ideas, please, help me! it's a difficult process to understand and get into an American university when you are an international student.

ps. I'm not sure about my major, but I think it's going to be pre-med/biology

ps 2. besides these activities, I dance ballet and I give free English classes


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4 months ago

Founding an astronomy club would be cool, universities are always looking for leadership qualities within extracurricular activities so that would be a good option. Giving free English classes is a good extracurricular, you could even start charging money and make a business out of it.

4 months ago

Since you're in your last year of high school, it might be difficult to start a completely new project or club and make it something large enough to put on your college application. However, I think doing research with your high school teacher would definitely be good, especially if you do biology-related research since that is your intended major.


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