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My key target college deferred my daughter's admission? What are the various ways to exhibit interest?

My daughter received her deferral notice for her key target institution.

This is her number 1 choice, what does she need to demonstrate her interest

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8 months ago

At best what you can do is write a strong letter of continued interest if the college allows you to. Hone in one an activity you haven't told them about, or something you've done since submitting an application. And reaffirm your interest in the school. Likewise, if a school has an update form, make sure to update them on anything major you have done since submitting your application, or something impressive you didn't say in the first round.

DO NOT under any circumstance bombard the admissions office with emails, new letters of recommendation, or other supplemental items. These are annoying to admissions officers and will likely hurt your application. DO follow whatever instructions the college has given you.

Hope this helps!!!


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