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β€’ 03/31/2020 at 08:36PM

Should I start writing/ my college apps. now?

I am currently on my spring break but requires to stay home and inside and complete online courses till the end of April(at least). I am going to apply to a lot of prestigious universities with a long application process. Should I start my applications now while I have the time? Would it increase my chances of acceptance if I were to begin now, and have more time to review my application? Thanks for your help!

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β€’ 03/31/2020 at 10:17PM

I think it's a really good idea to start your applications now. It's not a necessity, but it's always good to take advantage of free time when it comes to college apps, especially for more prestigious institutions. Many applicants to those schools all have similar academic profiles, so your supplements are one of the factors that could set you apart from the sea of high GPAs and perfect test scores. If you start now, you'll be able to really take your time to respond to the supplements in a way that allows colleges to get the best sense of who you are and get feedback from peers or teachers to have the best possible essays to strengthen your application. You'll also have less stress and more time to yourself in the first semester of senior year because not as much of your spare time needs to be spent on college applications. It'll minimize stress and you can focus on other things like extracurriculars or academics, which never hurts. Or you can just relax and enjoy senior year because you've already taken care of the most difficult parts of the process. Whatever you choose, good luck!

Accepted Answer
β€’ 03/31/2020 at 10:19PM

Hello Imani I don't necessarily think that it will increase your chances at acceptance at prestigious schools since there are more contributing factors in your application. While it does give you more time to review and peer edit, it wouldn't necessarily increase your chances. I wish you all the best luck in your application process.