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How can I get help here as an international student looking forward to applying to universities of my choice?

I am a junior in high school (11th grade). When I was completing my profile, I came across many details (necessary) that don't include me because I am an international student. It made me think to look for other options, but I quickly came to realize that collegevine is the best out there and seemed more helpful. If there is anyway I can include my country and the grading system we have please let me know because it would make it so much easier and will keep me on track.

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8 months ago

So the chancing engine is optimized for domestic students but you can still use it it will just be off at the more ivy+ schools and elite LACs. Generally, if you are from an over represented area (China E Asia India, and Europe to a lesser extent and if they are need-aware) for both geography and need our chances would likely be 1/3rd of what CV says you have. I haven't tested it but I would say it is a good rule of thumb. Also, try to have no needs improvement for rigor academics extracurriculars. And have least 2 excellent.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask for clarification. Id be happy to help.


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