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Do extracurriculars that I do as a senior count?

Due to COVID-19, I wasn't able to fully take opportunities of the in school extracurriculars only available for juniors and seniors, will it damage my application in any way if I only do them on my senior year?

I'm a junior from Brazil aiming for competitive colleges, just so you know.


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11 months ago

Colleges understand that students didn't have the same opportunities as in previous years. You will not be disadvantaged as a result. If you can do some remote ECs, that could boost your application though. Here are some ideas:



While you could take a gap year or try to transfer in later, you absolutely don't have to. I would only recommend a gap year if you have something specific you want to accomplish during that time. Transfer admissions can also be even more competitive than undergraduate admissions in many cases, so I wouldn't rely on this, especially as an international student.

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

11 months ago[edited]

I'm facing a very similar situation. A lot of what I wanted to do has been canceled this year so I couldn't much. There are two ways around this, at least two I can see.

1.) Wait. Wait until the next admissions cycle to apply. It's basically taking a gap year. Instead of being class of 2026, you'd be class of 2027. This allows you time to not only do more prestigious competitions and summer programs but also allow something during the summer such as community service. For me specifically, I want to compete in things such as the International Biology Olympiad, and I wouldn't know if I made it until the class of 2026 admissions cycle was done.

2.) Transfer admissions! Here's a little secret people aren't aware of. Undergraduate admissions (the kind where you apply during your senior year) are typically more competitive than transfer admissions. The UC schools, quite famously, have an alternate pathway where if you maintain a certain GPA and take all the required courses, then you automatically get admitted to the school system if you apply. Community colleges also tend to be quite cheaper than going to a traditional college, since they don't have to worry about things like dormitories. Many people in the United States follow this path of getting the required courses that aren't required for their major out of the way as a way to save money.

Edit: You may be able to communicate more extra-circulars with admission officers. You can include updated information in what is known as a mid-year report.


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