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Will it help my application if I speak several languages?

As of today I'm proficient in three languages (Portuguese, which is my first, English and Spanish) and am studying three more (French, ASL and Brazilian Sign Language). I plan on getting able to communicate on most if not all of them before my application process begins. Will this help my chances of getting into college?

10 months ago

Generally, knowing many languages (even at a high level) won't be that helpful unless it's relevant to your major/career (like International Relations). You should also try to have some formal accomplishments, like getting a C2 level or starting a language club. That's when knowing languages will have a greater impact on your chances.

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10 months ago

If you are applying through the common application, keep in mind that it only provides space for five languages. You can include languages in the additional information of the application but still.

Generally, colleges want a diverse student body. This not only includes demographics (such as sexuality or race) but this includes things such as majors or income. This also goes for foreign languages. Depending on your major, foreign languages can improve your portfolio. If I am a classical literature major/minor, knowing classical Greek and Latin can improve my application.

Knowing more foreign languages will never hurt your application. Depending on the institution, it won't add much or may be a major part of your application.


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