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Which colleges have the best applied mathematics/statistics program?

I was wondering what top colleges (including Ivys or Ivy plus) have the best professors and courses in applied math/stats. Also, as a high school junior, I am planning to take AP stats next year and already have a strong foundation in math. What other activities or online courses/conferences could I participate in as a junior/senior related to applied math/stats?

Thanks :)

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2 years ago

Here are rankings of the best applied math/statistics programs:



Regarding activities, look to get involved in mathematics competitions through your school like Math Olympiad maybe. For online courses you could participate in, you could look to take college courses through your local community college or even through a university (for a price of course). You can earn college credit.

Hope this helped.

2 years ago

I dont know about it but US news has rankings for a whole lot of fields but mid west ones i know are rockhurst KC jesuit school but for ECs there typically is a math club at my school dont know about yours


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