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Leadership in clubs

I'm a freshman in high school, and I would want to know if anyone has any experience founding or holding a leadership in a club. I'm a naturally introverted person, but I have worked on that so I'd say I'm in the middle of an intro and extrovert. I'm a secretary in a club but since we're online, I haven't done much. In the next year or two, I would like to start a debate club, or probably become a president or vp in the clubs already started. Do any of those require tons of work, and what steps did you take to keep the club running?


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3 years ago

So this is not exactly addressing your primary question but I want to explain the debate club foundation. No matter if you are in Afghanistan or the US everything in debate and speech runs through the NSDA. Your school then would be assigned to a regional district. For example, the city I'm in has a very active debate scene and we more or less have our entire city as 1 district (about 10 schools but there are 8 main ones of those the average size of the team is about 15)(A small team starting out isn't a nail in your dream coffin, for example, my school in ~2010 had 7 members now we are a top25 national team with 50 members) but if there arent schools closeby you can't really debate.

Then you would need to go through our schools club founding process whatever that is (email a counselor for the process typically includes: a faculty sponsor. funding mechanism, outline and or charter, benefit to school/community)


That is not to say starting a club is a huge workload but any sort of club that competes has some more nuances that need to be done.

My 2 biggest workloads in my ECSs, Debate and Youth Group, take about 4 hours + competition and 3 hours a week respectively but if you re president Id tentivily peg that at maybe 5-6 especially at the start.

Really hope this helps and feel free to ask questions!

3 years ago

When founding a club, talk to a teacher who would be interested in vouching for the club. At my school, you need a teacher to vouch for your club. The situation may be different at your school but getting this important step down will help you a lot. From there, introduce to idea of a club to the student council or principal. You'll get an ok or no to your club idea. From there, you can work on the club at your school or try to make a group outside of school (like have a literature club at a local library.)

Typically, a lot of leadership comes down to managing projects and delegating tasks. Depending on the size of your club and the activities you do, you may need people like a treasurer. For a club like debate team, you may need to raise money to go to competitions and print materials for practice. It may also be helpful to have a co-leader where you both work towards improving the club. You could work behind the scenes while they manage the general club.

Being a leader can require a lot of work but not if you have the proper skills and willing to put in a little work. But this applies for all leadership positions, not just running a club.

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