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International Relations

The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (Major) is a 3-year, internationally accredited program offering a modern and interdisciplinary education in international relations. You will earn a globally recognized American and European B.A. degree. The curriculum offers a balanced mix of courses on political and international relations theory, philosophy, economy and history which is complemented by a range of skills-oriented courses in writing and research or classes increasing proficiency in foreign languages.

Offerings: Major

Humanities, Society and Culture

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Society And Culture (Major) is a 3-year, internationally accredited program offering a modern and interdisciplinary education in humanitarian issues and how they interact with societies and cultures. You will earn a globally recognized American and European B.A. degree. The B.A. in Humanities, Society and Culture (Major) program delivers a broad curriculum that develops critical and informed thinking about the world’s humanitarian issues today and for the future. You will learn the principles, concepts, and theories behind modern social issues and democratic transformations.

Offerings: Major

Business Administration

The B.A. in Business Administration (Major) is a dually accredited program. You will get both an American and European BA degree for a single price. The program is delivered by an international faculty with top qualifications and experience in the business world. Business Economics is a quantitatively focused concentration which provides students with a comprehensive overview of economics, mathematics and business communication. The concentration enables students to understand how businesses function from an economic perspective, as well as how economic decisions are made both on company level and on the level of a rational individual. As a part of the concentration, students will also get real-life experience of working in an analytical company or other businesses. After completion of this concentration, students will be able to demonstrate their detailed knowledge of expert concepts using appropriate expert terminology and empirical tools, and demonstrate problem solving skills using methods from the field of economics.

Offerings: Major

Non-academic facilities

AAU is proud to partner with Zeitraum Student Housing as our exclusive provider.

Zeitraum Student HousingLocated at U Průhonu 56, in Prague 7, in a newly refurbished building, Zeitraum offers housing for AAU students and other young professionals in Prague. The building is approximately 25 minutes to the AAU campus by public transport and offers facilities equipped for comfortable student living. The building has 7 floors, 111 total rooms, and the possibility to choose from double or single rooms. It’s no mistake that Holešovice has been named one of the top 10 coolest neighborhoods in Europe according to TheGuardian.com. AAU students have the opportunity to live in Prague 7, the original industrial quarter, where factory buildings and abandoned warehouses have since turned into art galleries and breweries on the banks of the Vltava River. Thanks to the convenient location and recent surge in popularity Holešovice is home to an eclectic group of students, international expats, and locals alike.

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Annual cost

Tuition/Fees$5,180.90/year or $31,085.37/3-year program
Room/Board$6,134.74/academic year