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Elk Grove, California

California Northstate University | CNU

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California Northstate University | CNU’s 2023-24 Essay Prompts

Optional Scenario Essay

Not Required

Before a big exam, one of your classmates shares copies of the exam answer key with you and several other students who are also in the same class. What do you personally do about being given the exam answer key? What do you do about the student who handed out the answer key, and the other students who also have copies?

Personal Statement Essay

Not Required
750 Words

In 500-750 words, write an essay that explains your aspirations and what is special, unique, distinctive, and/or impressive about you or your life story. Please consider incorporating your answers to the following questions.

What details of your life (personal or family challenges, history, people or events that have shaped you or influenced your goals) might help the committee better understand you?
Have you had to overcome any unusual obstacles or hardships (for example, economic, familial, or physical) in your life and what have you learned from the experiences?
When did you become interested in the healthcare field? What have you learned about it (and about yourself) that has further stimulated your interest and reinforced your conviction that you are well suited to this field? What insights have you gained?
What personal characteristics (for example, integrity, compassion, and/or persistence) do you possess that would improve your prospects for success in the healthcare field or profession? Describe how you demonstrate these characteristics?

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