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Northwest College of Art & Design

Tacoma, Washington4-yearPrivate

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Northwest College of Art & Design’s 2023-24 Essay Prompts

Background and Achievements Short Response

2000 Characters

Discuss your academic background and achievements.

Hypothetical Situation Short Response

2000 Characters

Describe in detail how you would handle the following situation. ‘Your boss is the art director of a publishing company that works on tight deadlines. You are an entry level Graphic Designer doing book layout, you realize that one of the pages used reference images that could get your company in trouble because you didn’t get permission from the original artist to use it. The deadline for your project is just 2 days away. What do you do?‘

Career Goals Short Response

Not Required
2000 Characters

Explain in detail your entry level career goals and your ultimate career goals.

Why This College Essay

2000 Characters

How will attending NCAD help you reach those career goals?

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