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Pacific Northwest College of Art | PNCA

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Pacific Northwest College of Art | PNCA’s 2023-24 Essay Prompts

Artist Statement Short Response

500 Words

Please submit an artist statement to help us determine your ability to be a successful student at PNCA. This is an opportunity for you to distinguish yourself from other applicants and to share aspects of your work that are not reflected in your portfolio. We would like to hear about your interests and concerns and how they shape the art you make as well as your goals and ambitions as a student at PNCA.

The artist statement for application to PNCA at Willamette is intended to demonstrate your ability to write clearly and concisely and helps you distinguish yourself in your own voice. It also helps the Admission Committee learn more about you and what sets you apart from your courses, grades, and test scores. Please be aware, while PNCA at Willamette understands the use of AI programs like ChatGPT are tools that can be helpful in the writing process, an applicant should not submit an essay in which any portion of the writing has not been generated by the individual applicant.

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