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Sterling, Kansas

Sterling College (Kansas)

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Sterling Stories - ft. Ezekiel Lacey


Sterling Stories - ft. Brenna Eilert


Sterling College 2022 New Student Orientation


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Degree options


A sample of degree options for this offering

Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary studies major combines the strengths of two or more existing majors in order to better prepare students for a specific career path.

Offerings: Major

Art & Design

Our varied and well-balanced art experiences lead to individual creative growth through visual and tactile means. Concentrations: Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Art Education

Offerings: Major

Biblical Studies

Be trained to study the Bible in depth, including its original languages, its historical context, and its cohesive story, as a step toward seminary or ministry.

Offerings: Major

Faculty spotlight

Local area

Sterling, KS

terling is a charming small town located in central Kansas, USA. Known for its tight-knit community and serene atmosphere, Sterling offers a picturesque Midwestern experience. The town is characterized by tree-lined streets, historic buildings, and a welcoming vibe that makes it an attractive place to live and visit. Sterling College, a private Christian liberal arts institution, is a significant presence in the town, contributing to its educational and cultural offerings. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, with opportunities for hiking, fishing, and other recreational activities. Sterling, KS, embodies the quintessential American small town, offering a peaceful and friendly environment for its residents and visitors alike.

Top things to do

Clive's Staples Coffee Shop and Bakery

Hang out with friends or get some homework done at our local coffee shop! They have lattes, smoothies, and housemade pastires and sandwiches too!

Sterling Lake

There is a small community lake on the south end of town with a short walking trail, park, pool & splashpad, and athletic courts with sand volleyball courts!

Non-academic facilities

Each residence hall has a computer lab with standard software features, internet access, and e-mail 24 hours a day. Kitchenette facilities are available in each residence hall, as are public lounges with cable TV and laundry facilities.

Religious life

Our mission is to develop creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith. Our Statement of Faith: The Board, faculty, administration and staff possess an active and visible Christian faith which encourages the entire campus community in our pursuit of a wholesome and practical Christian life. We personally trust in and collectively bear witness to the one, eternal God, revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in God the Father who created the heavens and the earth. We believe in God the Son, Jesus Christ who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus suffered, died and was buried. He rose from the dead. Jesus ascended into heaven and remains with the Father and the Holy Spirit to judge the living and the dead. Jesus Christ alone is the way, the truth and the life. There is salvation in and through no other. We believe in God the Holy Spirit who is the comforter, sustainer, and sanctifier of all who profess faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We believe that the Bible is God’s revealed Word. It is authoritative and infallible in all matters of faith and practice. We believe that the Church is the body of Christ and God’s witness in the world. We believe that Jesus Christ will return and claim His own, ushering in the new heaven and new earth in which righteousness will dwell and God will reign forever.

Religious affiliation

Sacred spaces and religious facilities

Student groups

Student-run groups and organizations

Campus Activities Board (CAB)


Student Government Association



Welcome Walk

As our students leave Spencer Hall for the first Convocation of the school year, our faculty and staff line the walkway, cheering them on as they begin this new year. Our faculty and staff want the very best for our students, and it all starts right here.

HOST Families

Wherever you call "home" might be far away, but the HOST homes can be a home away from home. These families will open up their homes to you as an SC student, inviting you into their life. Whether that is eating with them in their home, attending church with them, playing games with your friends at their house, or even going on a weekend trip with them, they want you to feel supported, cared for, and like you are at home. Our students love the HOST Family program, and we think you will too.

Donut Run

Ever have a craving for a donut just before midnight? We do! At some point in the semester, groups of students usually head out to Druber's, a donut shop in Newton, KS, to get a late-night donut! It is a one hour drive, but who cares? Donuts are worth it!

Annual cost

Room & Board$9,316
Books, supplies, and other$2,300