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Western Washington University | WWU’s 2023-24 Essay Prompts

Additional Info Essay

Not Required

Describe any special circumstances that created challenges or opportunities for you while in high school and what you learned from those experiences. This might include personal or academic challenges, being the first person in your family to pursue college, inconsistent grade trends, a grade point average or test scores that you feel do not reflect your potential, or anything else you feel the Admissions Committee should know about you and your ability to succeed in college.

College of Interdisciplinary Studies Essay

Not Required

Describe your educational goals, academic interests, and the reason you are applying to Fairhaven College. The best length for the essay is whatever length it takes you to respond to the prompt in its entirety. If the essay you used for your Western application addresses these components, you can upload the same essay.

Select-A-Prompt Essay

800 Words

Help the Admissions Committee learn about you beyond what we can see in your academics and activity list by expanding on one of the prompts below. Your response will be reviewed for both admission and scholarship purposes.

Your essay must be your own work. Please do not use another writer‘s work, or make use of Artificial Intelligence software (Chat GPT, Bard, etc.) to write your essay. If plagiarism or use of AI is suspected or determined, your application may be deemed incomplete or withdrawn from consideration.

Most essays are about 500 words, but this is only a recommendation, not a firm limit. Feel free to take what space is necessary for you to tell your story. You can find tips for writing a strong application essay on our website.

Please select one of the essay prompts and provide your response. Provide your essay response below. Note: If you feel you have already addressed this in your Common App Personal Essay, please copy the relevant section of your essay into the essay box below.

Option 1

Describe one or more activities you have been involved in that have been particularly meaningful. What does your involvement say about the communities, identities or causes that are important to you?

Option 2

Share a meaningful experience and how this has helped shape you in your preparation for college. This could be related to your passions, commitments, leadership experience, family, or cultural background.

Option 3

Admissions essay - topic of your choice. If you have written another essay that captures what you want the Admissions Committee to know about you, feel free to share it here.

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