This or that: ACT v. SAT

Recorded Tuesday, June 15 at 10:00 PM

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Applying to college is hard, especially if you’re indecisive. With so many choices to make throughout the admissions process, you might find yourself hung up on which of each are best for you. Today, Shravya will be presenting our latest episode of This or That, where we run through different options you have during the applications cycle and how to best navigate them.

In this episode will be tackling standardized testing; in particular, whether you should take the ACT or SAT. Shravya will be walking through the similarities and differences between each test, and which makes the most sense for you based on your academic strengths and trajectory. She’ll also touch on applying test-optional during COVID and how it applies to this topic.

Shravya will set some time aside at the end for questions, so drop by with all of your testing-related questions so she can give you personalized advice!

Your host

Undergrad College: Rice University '20

Work Experience: During my time at Rice, I mentored dozens of high school students through the college application process, along with editing essays and tutoring students for the ACT/SAT. I also interned at a medical technology startup, conducted research in Brazil, and gave a TEDx talk. I recently finished applying to medical school; I've been admitted to multiple schools, and will be starting in the Fall.

My Admissions Story: I remember feeling very blindsided by the admissions process and not knowing where to begin. I hope that sharing my experiences and some of the things I’ve learned along the way will help guide other students in a similar boat.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Shravya and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
8:40@asanchez174:If we end up taking the ACT, do you recommend doing the essay portion?
15:27@Eden0Leeann:my school requires us to take the ACT in the spring, but i really want to take both. should i take my SAT in the fall or later in the year?
21:06@brunoF:Hey shravya :) What do you think about the recent decisions of colleges (including prestige schools like MIT) to not require SAT/ACT in their admission process due to Covid19? (not sure it is only for international students though)
26:44@brunoF:I missed you and your lives :p
32:57@Aryanna04:which one do you prefer the ACT or the SAT
37:34@brunoF:Khan Academy is fantastic... It helps me since high school
39:14@brunoF:I also think that, for science subjects specifically, Brilliant is also a good resource
39:54@brunoF:I hope I blow your mind again :p
41:45@Ryan1:Is ACT more useful than SAT
42:20@Ryan1:What should I do if I have a high (35) ACT score but a low (3.3) GPA
45:06@JCAZ:If I have a decent GPA....3.5...what is the minimum score I would want to submit for both ACT/SAT to a Test Optional school?
46:07@JCAZ:PAC 12 or Big Ten
48:38@asanchez174:Do schools consider your weighted gpa or only your unweighted?
49:42@Ryan1:Can I use my ACT score or my PSAT (1490) score to get any aid or scholarships?
52:11@brunoF:What was your highest SAT/ACT score?
53:20@brunoF:What are you drinking?lol
53:27@JCAZ:Great job! Thanks so much!
53:31@rvaldivia:Is this a recorded session?
55:19@Ryan1:So how would I apply?
56:34@Ryan1:So certain universities look for applications with certain test scores?
57:36@Ryan1:Alright thank you for answering all my questions.
57:56@brunoF:@Ryan1 is a ninja :o Congratulations!
58:49@Ryan1:lol no. But thanks


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