How to Choose an Amazing Essay Topic

Recorded Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 01:30 AM

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Not all college essays are equal—this variance in quality is a huge determinant of candidate success when it comes to admissions. In this stream, Sophie Alina will walk you through brainstorming an amazing essay topic, and what inclusions will take your writing to the next level.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your essay strategy! The stream will also be interactive, meaning you can drop all of your questions for Sophie in the chat to get personalized advice on your essays.


Sophie Alina

Vanderbilt University
I am a Vanderbilt Ph.D. student and Russell Hamilton Scholar at the Peabody College of Education and Human Development. As an Applications Consultant, I have collaborated with students to gain Ivy League acceptances, full-tuition scholarships, and admission into top-choice schools. As a teacher for three years, I have worked with over 400 elementary, middle, and high school students, giving me the skills to break down difficult topics into organized steps and work with students with a variety of learning differences and skills. As a graduate student and Master of Education graduate, I not only have strong writing chops, but also the ability to teach these skills to the students I work with. One Harvard professor said that the opening to my Ph.D. personal statement was one of the best introductions they had ever read.

In high school, my Indian mother inspired me to pursue academics and music. I was valedictorian, a National Merit Scholar, and won third place in my category in the Texas State Science Fair. I also founded a math club at my elementary school. For three years, I did research at my local university. In the summers, I was accepted into highly selective research opportunities. I was also an avid violinist. My passions for research, music, and math are all part of my journey today.

After being awarded three full-tuition scholarships, I attended Vanderbilt on a full-tuition merit-based scholarship as a Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar. There, I majored in mathematics and received Honors in the College of Arts & Sciences and graduated as a Top 20 Outstanding Senior. As a former premed student (I plan to pursue my M.D. after the completion of my Ph.D.), math major, violin performance minor, and social science researcher, I have a strong interdisciplinary foundation. This background enables me to effectively work with students to blend complex ideas with personal experiences to create compelling essays. I am extremely excited to use my experience as an applications consultant, teacher, and student to help you create a competitive application that shows how amazing you truly are. I cannot wait to work with you! Schedule a $30 30-minute consultation (40% discount!!!) via, select a package, or send in an essay for review, and you’ll hear back from me soon.

Also, please note: Many of my students I taught are from low-income contexts. If this applies to you, please go ahead and schedule a $30 30-minute consultation. We can talk about how best to navigate the college admissions process! I am a big believer in the accessibility of four-year universities to low-income students (especially first-generation low-income students), and would love to help you out. Several of my students who are first-gen, low-income students have received full-tuition scholarships to the schools of their dreams. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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