2 years ago
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I received a scholarship of 28,000 but still have to pay the 28,696 which I'm not able to afford. Can you help me?

I'm a senior in Ethiopia.

Ethio-parents' high school

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2 years ago

Hey @Arsema, congrats on your scholarship! At this point the best thing for you to do will be to try to appeal your financial aid offer with the school. Typically they have information on how to do that somewhere on their website. You'll need to let them know that while you're thankful for the scholarship you still can't afford to go to the school without more aid. Since you're an international student it might be more difficult to get more aid but it's worth trying.

I'd also recommend checking out the new program on here called Advocate. There's some good information on how to go about trying to negotiate more aid. They have steps on how to come up with a strategy and what you should try saying in an email or phone call. Hopefully the information is helpful for you. I can try answering any questions on that if you have any too


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