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I am a rising senior from India. My school doesn't offer AP, IB, or Honors courses. I am definitely too poor to take APs, they cost like INR 17,000. I used the chancing simulator, and it's showing me dismal chances. All other aspects are either strong or excellent, but they are asking me to take lots of AP/IB/Honors classes. That is impossible for me, so what should I do now?


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I asked the same question and click the link below to see the answers...


Hope this helps!

5 months ago

Hey! If you are talking about the cost of the AP Exams, the College Board has something that you can apply for to get them for free if your family's income is low enough.

However, I do not think this will hurt your chances a whole lot. Colleges take into consideration what courses your high school offers. Just try to get good grades in the classes you do have, participate in lots of extra-curriculars, community service, etc. Another great thing you can do is to write about your financial hardship in your essays in your college applications. I know it seems like an annoying thing to do, but they love stuff like that.

5 months ago

Hey, I'm an international student too. I also don't have any AP/IB/Honors courses. As international students, it actually doesn't matter for us while applying to colleges. You have to get a good score (85% plus ) on your respective board exam. You can clarify this information by going on to your target University's website, go to the international section, click on India and check the requirements. The score varies with each University, so be sure to check it out!

With respect to your issue with your chancing simulator, you can check out @Haneesha 's answer.

Hope this helps (:


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