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Hi everyone,

I currently attend the University of Miami but I'm starting to realize that it wasn't the best fit for me here. I primarily picked this school mostly since covid limited my travel during the usual college search. Also, finances limited my ability to travel and tour schools out of state.

The colleges I'm looking at transferring to are:

1. University of Rochester

2. Franklin and Marshall College

3. Lafayette College

4. Hamilton College

5. SUNY Binghamton

In high school I had a 3.81 UW GPA and a 4.39 W GPA. I haven't completed my first semester in college but I'm currently enrolled in 5 courses (15 credits) and planning on taking 6 courses (17 credits) next semester. I submitted my test scores to all the colleges I got into before which was a 1280 (650 Reading, 630 Math), but I was wondering if I should not include them on my transfer applications for Fall 2022. I was also wondering a solid average college GPA for these schools and if attending UMiami would help my case in any beneficial way. Thank you!

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My recommendations are based on a couple of factors. First, which are the best schools in the Upstate NY and surrounding areas that give out good financial aid, and which are compatible with your list. (Keep in mind these transfer rates are like a year old)

My Top Transfer choices for you would be:

Hamilton - about 21% acceptance rate

Colgate - about 21% acceptance rate

Syracuse - 50% acceptance rate (way less for Newhouse, Architecture and Business School - maybe like 15%-20%)

NYU - 41% acceptance rate

Boston University - 54% acceptance rate.

Skidmore College - 41%

I personally don't think you'd get much financial aid at Lafayette, SUNY Binghamton (42%), University of Rochester (24%), or Franklin and Marshall (37%)

With regards to testing scores, I wouldn't include them because they are all test-optional and with transfer applications, they are not necessary. Plus, while they are decent scores, they are much lower than what you'd want to submit. If you had a 1400, then I'd submit that but nothing less.

I think the key thing is your U of Miami GPA. Hopefully, you are getting mostly As, 3.5 MINIMUM which will be the biggest deciding factor, whether or not you are capable of getting good grades at the college level. So this first semester is key. The 2nd semester is not as key since they will make up their minds before your grades for the 2nd semester come out.

If you get wait-listed, then you want to show a strong performance for your 2nd-semester grades because that will help you get off the wait list. To hedge yourself, I might cut back a class to just 15 credits and make sure you can get all As in them.

Also, read my discussion post about transferring:


Good luck.


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