Our Mission

Our mission is to close the growing guidance gap in U.S. high schools.

The problem with college admissions these days:

38 minutes — the average public high school student receives across 4 years.

472:1 — average student-to-school counselor ratio in US public schools.

Because of this low school counselor to student ratio, students receive very little personalized guidance. The college process then becomes a confusing and difficult road for many families to navigate, with some students not even thinking about college until senior year. Not to mention, most families are grossly under-resourced.

Some common pain points that families experience are:

Getting clear, personalized guidance and creating a plan

Knowing what the next step is

Creating a balanced school list

Understanding their student’s real chances at colleges

How to improve their chances

Organization of essays

Our Solution

At CollegeVine, we’re bridging the guidance gap by providing free, personalized guidance to all students. With our guidance platform, students get access to tools that will help them succeed in college admissions.

From building a school list to managing essays to creating an admissions plan, our platform provides the resources that students need at no cost to them. Each student receives customized guidance that’s unique to them and their individual needs. Plus, all of our guidance and tools are powered by real data.

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