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How to study for the SAT?

I know it's a loaded question but hear me out:

I am a rising junior, and absolutely scared straight for the SAT. I don't know how to study for it. Every time I look up study tips, the same things pop up: Buy books, review formulas, etc. But I feel as though I forgot...everything. I tried taking a SAT practice test back in freshman year and got a 1100. I literally feel like I forgot all the basic concepts/formulas/everything that are on the SAT.

How do you study for the SAT from rock bottom? Where do I start? Should I re-learn the topics? If so, where? How? Or do something else? I feel completely lost and terrified because I have forgotten the concepts and I'm about to take 4 AP classes for junior year. Any help will do, thank you!


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3 years ago

If you're taking any math this year, that should help you some, but I would still recommend putting in a bit more effort.

USE KHAN ACADEMY. It helps a lot. My sister was a national merit scholar and the only study help she used was Khan Academy. The practice is one topic at a time and focuses on your weaknesses and has the topics arranged by general order of difficulty.

Also, I would recommend making flashcards or a Quizlet with the different formulas or whatever, or if you'd rather, I found these from a quick Google search: https://quizlet.com/13668673/sat-math-terms-formulas-flash-cards/ https://quizlet.com/88508715/sat-math-formulas-flash-cards/.

Ask your favorite or current math teacher to explain the SAT formulas.

The test booklet does have some area formulas and whatnot at the beginning (they are explained here): https://blog.prepscholar.com/critical-sat-math-formulas-you-must-know.

Make sure you know how to use and have access to a graphing calculator for the calculator section. If you don't own one, most schools let students borrow them for the SAT, or if you know someone who recently graduated high school, they might let you borrow or even keep theirs. Personally, I like the TI-84 calcultors, but many students at my school prefer the TI-Npires.

Side note, have you considered taking the ACT? My scores on the SAT were fairly mediocre, but on the ACT I scored WAY better. If your school offers it, TAKE IT!!!

Good luck on the SAT!!!

3 years ago

Hi @mani_100, all of the information around studying for the SAT can be very overwhelming an confusing - here is a process that might help you get started.

You'll want to start by taking a diagnostic test. Then, you need to identify which areas are your strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, the test you will take categorizes responses so you can see exactly what you need to improve on. You'll want to do practice problems in these areas until you develop a strategy to answering questions that works for you.

Re-learning topics from scratch might require a bit of reading - you might want to purchase an SAT book or look for strategy articles online to get behind the logistics of the test questions. YouTube is also a good resource - just make sure in all of your online searches, you use words like 'strategy' and 'concepts' in order to pull in the right type of content.

For more on studying for the SAT, check out these guides on our site: https://blog.collegevine.com/category/standardized-tests/sat-guides/

3 years ago

Alright so I wouldn't buy SAT books or anything because there are so many free resources out there!!

My favorite resources:

- Khan academy: As mentioned in pretty much every answer, but it's a great resource because you can take practice tests and level up in so many skills!!

- YOUTUBE: WOW youtube has been a GREAT resource for me. There are so many people out there that have tips but let me tell you: !!SCALAR LEARNING!!. You NEED to go watch his channel. He's studied the SAT for years and he's what helped me get a higher score he's good.

- Quizlet: good for vocab and equations

Also don't be discouraged by your first few scores. The first two times I took it, my scores were only ten points apart. I was kinda frustrated but then I took it a third time and increased it by 100 points!

You also need to figure out whether you're best fit for the SAT or ACT. My friend tried taking the SAT a couple times but did terrible then he took the ACT and got a pretty good score on his first try.

Um also, getting a 1100 as a freshmen is pretty good!! I would say keep going with the SAT. Good luck!

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