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Hi!! I'm a freshman in high school. I want to become a lawyer when I'm older. My plan is to start as a prosecutor and work my way up in that career, then switch to defense once I have built connections and am satisfied with my accomplishments. I struggle with trying to figure out what I might want to major in for this position. I was thinking criminal justice, but am having a hard time finding prestigious colleges that offer criminal justice as a major. I have a 4.86 GPA. I have not taken an SAT, PSAT, or an ACT just yet. Does anyone know what colleges I should consider?

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There are so many routes you could take (in terms of your major) if your hope is to become a lawyer. I know people who major in political science, public policy, and so many other things that want to eventually become lawyers or get into the criminal justice system. There's a wide scope of schools you could go to, the best being Stanford, Yale, University of Chicago, and things in that realm. If you are looking for affordability in terms of tuition, I suggest researching law schools in your state because they will provide you with major discounts. Collegevine also has a great search feature for these kinds of things.

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