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Abinaya Ramakrishnan


Abinaya Ramakrishnan has worked in college admissions for the past 4 years and has helped students t...

Chicago, IL
4 years of experience
Vanderbilt University - B.A. (Honors) in Biological Sciences and Medicine Health & Society (Awards: Goldwater Scholar & Fulbright Finalist & Ingram Scholarship) - David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA- MD Candidate (Awards: Geffen Scholarship)
International Relations
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Mon 23 May
Abinaya helped students get into:
Case Western Reserve UniversityEmory UniversityHarvard University
Macalester CollegeNorthwestern UniversityRice University
Case Western Reserve University
Emory University
Harvard University
Macalester College
Northwestern University
Rice University
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Any questions? Let’s hop on a quick call to learn more about your needs in the admissions process and how I can approach them
Join a quick meeting
Let’s chat
Any questions? Let’s hop on a quick call to learn more about your needs in the admissions process and how I can approach them

My process

My process of advising is very career-focused on what the student wants (or doesn't want to study). The most successful students have a clear goal in mind and are able to articulate why they want to take that career path. From there, I work with students to create a narrative that highlights their strengths - personality, extracurriculars, service, etc. If the student is lacking in any area, I work with them to utilize the summer and fall semester of senior year to close any gaps so they can have a stronger application. For example, if a student is passionate about mental health, I work with them to find ways to integrate this into all portions of the application - a personal story about mental health in the Common App essay, extracurriculars in the mental health space in the activities section, and creating "brag sheets" to provide to letter of recommendation writers to highlight this passion of the student. Together, this creates a cohesive story that clearly demonstrates how the student will uniquely shape the campus they are applying to. I know your child has done the work - they have worked hard to get amazing grades, taken part in different extracurricular activities, and developed into an amazing human being. My job is to help college admissions see that!
Tips for success
1. Prepare for your first session
Plan out the questions and topics you'd like to discuss. If you'd like to work together in the long term, discuss expectations for each other.


Advising hours

Earliest availability: Monday, May 23

College admissions advising

$65.00 / 60 min
Set a focus for each session or get help with any aspect of the admissions process:
  • Essay brainstorming and editing
  • Interview prep
  • Application review and management
  • School and program selection
  • Standardized test planning and course selection
  • Extracurricular planning

BSMD/BSDO programs

$80.00 / 60 min
Perfect for students looking to apply for direct-med programs!

Prior Clients

$35.00 / 60 min
This session is only open for prior clients who have worked with me under a reduced pricing system.

Merit Scholarships (Full Ride?)

$30.00 / 45 min
Perfect for students looking to get merit money at top schools!

Essay review

Full Review

$20.00 + 6 cents per word
Estimated return time: 24 hours
  • Review your profile and the information provided
  • Review your essay draft
  • Offer detailed guidance for refining your essay topic and structure
  • Leave in-document feedback and changes
  • Correct grammar and punctuation (if applicable)
  • Provide a set of clear actionable next steps