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Chance me for Princeton?

Hey guys! I'm an upcoming junior, and I'm really hoping to get into Princeton. Can anyone give me a rough idea of what my chances are based on my stats and ECs? I promise I'll try to include as much detail as possible in my post. Thanks in advance!

24 days ago

I'd be happy to help you evaluate your candidacy for Princeton! To do that, however, I need some vital information about your application profile. Here are a few things you could provide:

1. Academic Performance: What is your unweighted and weighted GPA? Which challenging courses have you taken (such as Honors, AP, or IB courses)? What are your class rank and percentile if your school ranks students?

2. Test Scores: If you have taken the SAT or the ACT, please provide your scores. You may also include any SAT Subject Tests or AP test scores if you think they'll add value to your application.

3. Extracurricular Activities: List at least 5-10 of the most significant extracurricular activities in which you have participated. Try to describe your involvement, achievements, and the duration of your participation. These activities could include clubs, sports, jobs, internships, volunteering, etc.

4. Awards and Honors: Mention any academic or non-academic awards or honors you have received, especially at the state, national, or international levels.

5. Demographic Information, if relevant: Your ethnicity, socioeconomic background, and the type of area you live in (urban, suburban, rural) can give me a better idea of how your application fits into Princeton's larger applicant pool.

Once you provide this information, I'll be able to evaluate your profile and provide you with a better estimation of your chances at Princeton. Keep in mind that the admissions process is highly competitive, and admissions are never guaranteed. However, a strong profile evaluation can help you identify areas you could improve upon to increase your chances.

24 days ago

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