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What's the average GPA for admitted students at Ohio State University?

Hey folks, I'm a junior and Ohio State is one of my top choices. Does anyone know what their average GPA for accepted students is? I'm trying to see if my GPA is competitive enough.

4 days ago

The average GPA for admitted students at Ohio State University varies a bit depending on the campus, but the Main Campus (Columbus) usually hovers around a 3.8 unweighted GPA.

Remember, GPA is just one aspect of your application. While it's important to strive for the best grades possible, admission officers at Ohio State, like many universities, consider a holistic approach. This means they look beyond just numbers and want to know about your activities outside of the classroom, your essays, letters of recommendation, and any other unique experiences that could set you apart as a candidate.

It'll be useful to dig into your challenging coursework (like AP or honors classes) and extracurricular activities. Defining your "spike," or specialization, can help in making your application compelling. At the end of the day, don't be discouraged if your GPA is below the average. With a strong application in other areas, you'd still be a serious contender.

4 days ago

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