The Ultimate Guide to Brown University

Recorded Friday, July 31 at 09:30 PM

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School information

Brown University

Providence, RI

Learn what it takes to get into Brown and what it's like to attend Brown University.

Shane Niesen, a recent graduate of Brown, will walk through everything you need to know about the university from academics to the campus culture to the type of admissions profile that is required to get accepted.

He'll also open up the floor to answer any and all questions about Brown. If you're not able to visit campus in the fall, this livestream will help you learn more about whether Brown is the right school for you.

School information

Brown University

Providence, RI
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Undergrad College: Brown University '20

Major: History

Work Experience: I have been mentoring and advising high school students with CollegeVine for 2 years. I also worked in media production and advertising at the Brown University of Professional Studies.


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