Live Q&A Session with a Lawyer

Recorded Wednesday, December 23 at 12:00 AM

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Join Elias Miller as he interviews Ben Betik, a current associate attorney at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough and a graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Law School!

Stop in to get answers to your questions about a career in law, what the pre-law experience is like in college, and how to prepare for law school.

Your host

Undergrad College: Harvard University '17

Major: Music

Graduate College: University of Michigan, M.M.

Work Experience: Now in my fourth year at CollegeVine, I have helped dozens of students gain acceptance to their top-choice schools and have also advised and mentored thousands more through my livestreams. Apart from my work at CV, I am also a professional conductor and a multi-instrumentalist. I currently serve as the music director of the Apollo Ensemble of Boston, and I have led symphonic concerts and operatic productions throughout the United States.

My Admissions Story: Initially interested in pursuing a career as a performing cellist, I applied almost exclusively to music schools with dual and double degree options and ultimately enrolled in the Tufts University/New England Conservatory Dual Degree Program. Unhappy with the combined program and worried I'd never feel like I was fully a student at either school, I logged back into in October of my freshman year. I can't say I went about the transfer process in the smartest way (I only applied to two schools!), but Harvard miraculously accepted me (or 'excepted me' as I wrote in a celebratory Facebook post that day - no one ever let me live that one down), and the rest was history.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Elias and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
3:46@Cdu001:How did attending an Ivy League school undergraduate make you competitive for law school
5:53@cutelittledumpling:Is law a lot of studying?
7:47@anonymous:what made you decide to be a corporate lawyer?
7:53@anonymous:How did you choose to become a corporate lawyer?
8:01@anonymous:What kind of law are you practicing? How did you decide?
8:20@cutelittledumpling:How did you find out which specialty you wanted to go into?
11:35@mimi:Congratulations to Ben!
18:44@anonymous:Im having trouble seeing and hearing. Are you live right now?
19:04@anonymous: Where do I find all of those other videos you were speaking about at the beginning of the livestream?
19:55@cutelittledumpling:Is law school expensive?
23:49@anonymous:How did you choose the best law school for you?
28:19@asanchez174:What made you choose to go to Columbia Law School?
29:28@Cdu001:What do you see happening with law in the future? Is it true that there is an over saturation of lawyers in the employment market? What other career path exist for people who attend law school but do not become lawyers?
33:52@anonymous:What does a trial lawyer do?
33:57@anonymous:What does a typical day look like for you? How many hours a day do you work?
34:34@anonymous:How many hours a day do you work?
37:07@anonymous:What was the hardest law class you took and why?
37:10@anonymous:Is cold-calling in law school daunting?
39:38@anonymous:When do undergrads usually start studying for the LSAT? What's the best way to prepare for it?
45:57@anonymous:Have you had any experiences with people from the military going through law school with you or have had any friends that chose to be a military lawyer when they graduated? (JAG -- Judge Advocate General's Officer)
47:14@anonymous:what was the story of not getting into Harvard Law?!?
49:36@anonymous:What was your GPA?
54:32@anonymous:I am planning on going to business school for undergrad and then law school for grad. Would this be beneficial?
54:38@anonymous:Did you find Harvard's pre-law advising programs very helpful when preparing you for applying and succeeding in law school?
55:33@anonymous:How can I get an internship relating to law if I am a business major?
56:20@anonymous:Any advice for choosing an undergrad major towards Patent/Intellectual Property Law? I know that it has to be in Science/Engineering, but any specific majors that would be more applicable?
59:26@anonymous:What if I don't like to study US History? Is this topic a vital part in law school?
60:09@anonymous:THANK GOD
60:14@smontague98:What are other majors recommended for someone considering law school besides political science?
62:03@anonymous:Wait its not normal to submit the app on the day of the deadline??!?
64:39@smontague98:Do you know what the job prospects are in the immigration law field? Is there oversaturation or lack of places to work?
66:59@anonymous:After finishing law school is it hard to find a stable job as a lawyer?
69:23@anonymous:After finishing law school is it hard to find a job as a lawyer.
71:37@ABPB:is psychology a good undergrad major for going to law school?
71:39@anonymous:Did a lot of your colleagues in law school go to ivy leagues?
71:54@anonymous:Yes! Ben killed it
72:15@ABPB:Awesome session liked the format. great information.
72:19@anonymous:Thank you guys so much! Really helpful!!
72:31@anonymous:This was very helpful!!!
72:45@anonymous:Yes I would love more of these and would be very helpful!
73:21@Cdu001:I hope to become a healthcare attorney? Do you have any experience in this field from your time at law school
73:55@Cdu001:This was so helpful thank you for your time
74:37@smontague98:Thank you so so much!
74:44@anonymous:I know you said there was a pre med video, is there a pre law one as well?
76:47@anonymous:Yes, thats what I was asking the best undergrad


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