How the Cancellation of SAT Subject Tests and Other SAT Changes Will Impact College Admissions

Recorded Thursday, January 21 at 01:00 AM

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The College Board recently announced a number of changes to the SAT: the elimination of SAT Subject Tests, the discontinuation of the optional SAT Essay, and additional investments in a digital SAT.

Join CollegeVine co-founder, Vinay Bhaskara, as he walks through these changes and discusses the impact that they are likely to have on the college admissions process. Vinay will provide guidance on next steps for students and families and answer viewer questions about the changes live on air.

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Undergrad College: University of Chicago

Major: Economics

Work Experience: As a Co-Founder of CollegeVine, I lead the data science and admissions curriculum teams. I have worked with thousands of students and families over the course of 8 years. I have also spent time as a senior analyst in aviation operations, strategy, and marketing.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Vinay and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
3:28@anonymous:will this be available to watch afterwards? I may have to leave
5:04@anonymous0101011:Where can this blog be found?
10:19@anonymous:which link?
13:54@anonymous:I think my question disappeared from the chat, could this be a technical issue?
29:23@hannahdels:I scheduled an SAT with essay to take in June. Should I opt out of the essay portion instead, if it might not be heavily looked at during Fall 2021?
29:33@hannahdels:Edit: Will private universities still look at SAT scores during Fall * 2021* admissions?
29:45@hannahdels:Will private universities still look at SAT scores during Fall 2022 admissions?
30:03@kamblam:Will we still be able to submit SAT Subject tests if we have already taken them?
32:33@anonymous:I have a High School Junior. Should we suspend SAT Prep Courses?
32:35@aishakunigal:so if I have already registered for the sat with essay, is it of value to continue on with the essay? will it help me in general to get into colleges or are colleges recommending it still? should I continue to keep the essay and take it?
33:25@Priyanka_paani:I am currently a 11th grade student. I am taking the SAT this March and I have registered for SAT essay as well. I have planned to take the SAT Subject tests in June. Also, I have registered for 3 APs for this May. Should I cancel my SAT essay and subject tests so that I can use that time in my extracurriculars?
33:35@anonymous:Will this session going to be recorded and uploaded here?
35:32@IvyLeagueGirl:How will the SAT Subject Tests being canceled affect BS/MD programs?
36:17@anonymous:I am a high school junior and am currently taking pre-calculus honors which is the highest level of math offered to juniors by my school. I was planning to take the Math II Subject test in June. Will I be penalized for not taking AP Calculus B/C until my Senior Year? Any suggestions?
36:31@anonymous:How will this affect applying internationally, since schools like Oxford and Cambridge have previously required SAT II scores?
39:08@anonymous:I recently took the ACT and got a 33. I messed up on my science portion, but know I'll at most get a 34. Do you recommend retaking if I'll only improve by one point?
39:57@snair04:Is it worth retaking an AP test that you got a 3 on?
40:34@anonymous:More than half of all U.S. four-year colleges and universities have already announced SAT/ACT-optional policies for fall 2022 admissions (current high school juniors) -- just this week, Amherst and Penn State extended their test-optional policies through the fall 2023 application cycle.
41:33@hannahdels:By the time I'm a senior, I would've only taken 3 AP exams...the rest of my APs I was planning on taking senior year. Are 3 exams not enough to help me get into a highly selective college, like Stanford?
41:37@anonymous:If you are in IB Diploma, can you take AP exams?
42:19@anonymous:Will people applying in the 2021-22 cycle be affected by the new digital SAT format? We will need to take this new exam?
43:34@anonymous:I am a high school sophomore, do you think that schools will still mostlt be test optional, by the time that I'm applying?
45:03@anonymous:Can you comment on the changes at the UC schools? Are they truly test blind moving into 2021-2022 admissions
48:02@anonymous:I’m not the absolute BEST student there is, but i have a lot of different extracurriculars (non academic). My gpa is not exactly high but definitely not low, but i won’t have taken APs by when I’m applying (i come from a well recognized public school that has very few options for juniors). Do i have any chance of getting into a high level school?
49:38@anonymous:Will the essay still be offered to me this April even though I am taking the test through my school?
49:56@sabeen_safi:Will there be more sessions like this, this was very helpful because it seems like no one is talking about this!
51:10@anonymous:Are adminstrators for the digital SAT Test concerned about students cheating and/or not completing their work with academic intergrity?
53:46@anonymous:Sorry, I missed the first part of this presentation. Does the abolishing of the SAT subject tests create increased emphasis on AP exams?
54:37@yuki_05:what is your opinion on taking an AP class but not taking the exam? is it not a good choice?
55:16@vaishnaviv:Does the GPA still play a huge role in the admissions process, considering all of the changes being made? Do selective colleges focus more on a student's GPA or SAT score?
56:12@MohidBasha:Will we be getting a full refund on the essay if we remove the SAT essay portion from our registration?
56:25@anonymous:If i get the chance should i still take the subject tests? i am an international student
57:36@anonymous:My grade in AP Euro is not good. If I am able to get a 4 or 5 on the AP test, is there a way for me to drop the class so that my GPA is not adversely impacted?
60:22@anonymous:How do colleges interpret a C on the subject in school but a 4 on the AP test for the same subject?
61:53@anonymous:If I got a 1500 on the SAT and I am aiming for top 20 schools, should I take the SAT again with essay? I got a 35 on the ACT, so should I do it again with writing? Will it benefit me to do this?
62:32@anonymous:Confused. Our high school offers honors, CHS (college in high school), and AP classes. Is CHS equivalent to IB? How do schools recognize CHS level classes?
63:54@anonymous0101011:Will the PSAT matter?
64:38@anonymous:Are AP and IB the same level? I thought IB was a little harder.
65:02@anonymous:I took an AP class and got an A, but my AP score was not that good. Should I retake the exam? and Will this have an impact on my probability of getting into colleges?
65:23@snair04:PLS: Given the online school format and schools being more lenient in terms of coursework will the GPA still have the same strength in a college application?
65:50@Eashwar_SCK:I got a 36 on the ACT and 1570 on the SAT. Considering that the subject tests are gone (which I did exceedingly well on), should I retake the SAT for top schools?
65:59@anonymous:Do Ivy Leagues only consider superscore or do they consider all scores?
66:33@anonymous:I got a 1530 on the SAT and I'm aiming for a T20. Should I retake the SAT? and should I also possibly try the ACT? Or should I focus on essay work and extracurriculars.
68:06@anonymous:What is superscore ( sorry I am a mom)
69:37@anonymous:What year in our high school career would you recommend taking the SAT?
72:10@cubershz:Sorry, I missed a lot of the stream. Will colleges still consider subject tests and essay sections on SAT if we've taken them already?
73:56@anonymous0101011:Do you think there will be more overall applicants this year
74:27@anonymous:If I take community college courses, would you recommend to take the corresponding AP course if I am going to turn in my community college transcript too?
74:51@ABPB:Does taking SAT 3 times to improve score, reflect bad on you, with the cancellation of subject tests and essay?
75:54@fani:PLEASE ANSWER: I go to a well known high school that offers the same all honors classes to their students. They do not offer AP exams and I was originally planning on taking subject tests. Now that they're gone, will it affect my chances of getting into a BSMD program without AP exams
80:03@Priyanka_paani:Please make an "Only Q n A" session where students can just ask questions regarding the admissions and everyone can relate to it and gain more knowledge about the admissions process!


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