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Recorded Tuesday, May 11 at 11:00 PM

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Join Yesh for another installment of his amazing live profile reviews! Yesh will be reviewing real, anonymized profiles from viewers like you and sharing his assessment of their academics, extracurriculars, and overall strength. He'll also be giving his recommendations for improvement and provide an estimate of what your chances look like at different universities.

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Undergrad College: Boston University '20

Major: Medical Science

Graduate College: Boston University School of Medicine

Work Experience: I've been working at CollegeVine for 3 years mentoring students through BS/MD and undergraduate admissions. I am currently a medical student and have done research at Boston Medical Center, Dana-Farber, and the Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Yesh and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
2:10@PamDemic:Quick question! So I am worried i wont meet the treshold for ivys since my country´´s grading system is very hard, it is impossible to get straight A´´s plus my courses/programm are equivalent to the Ib higher level subjects like Higher level Maths for example. I have All A´´s and one C which is 19,68 of 20 which is 3,75 in gpa. The grading sytem is so hard because we have like a 21 criterias that you need to fufuill in A , C and E to get an A. If you get all criterias and only get a E criteria your grade drops to a D , so as you can tell it is impossible to get an A. I am so worried because I am scared i wont meet the academic treshold for schools like Yale
16:48@anonymous9:what can I do to improve my profile ?
18:30@yami:Just to clarify, are we international students compare between all international students or just students within my country?
19:14@anonymous9:the essay was Psychology related
19:16@anonymous9:For the psychology society I am organising a psych debate with the debate society
19:35@PamDemic:Is lower than a 3,75 gpa a "cut off" if you do not have a ib or ap courseload but a rigiuos courseload? Can EC "help" if there really impressive. I understand that you need to pass the academic round.
20:36@kimberlyascencio-cerna:I got accepted to 4 different summer college program, how would that look on my profile?
21:33@anonymous9:is participating and winning psych competitions good enough for the awards ? how can i improve the awards section
38:41@sdk123:Can you please explain what is Tier 1 Activity?
39:34@PamDemic:You´´re good, you are just trying to be very honest and helpful which is much apprecaite it. Love that you dont sugarcoat it
50:56@anonymousems:i’m taking some classes like theater for social justice, could i use that as a “bridge”?
52:10@anonymous21:I am a male asia america, youth symphony philaharmonic member, a 3th place california state speech contest winner, regional science competition honorable mention, 1st plae of my school's science project, a VP/President in a school club, a 3.98GPA (unweighted, all As and only one B+), 11 AP so far, and 6 more for 12th grade; 1590 SAT, more than 300 hours in total for the past 3 years volunteer work in reading club to lead middle schoolers; but I have not attended any summer programs except for my symphony's, and spent my summer in receational swim team, no strong sport other than JV XC running. Do you have any suggest on boosting my extracurriculars? and what's my chance to apply for Ivy's? Thank you very much!


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