Student government: is it for you?

Recorded Wednesday, July 7 at 09:00 PM

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Student government can be a worthwhile and fun extracurricular endeavor - but there’s so many roles within it that it can be hard to decide which, if any, are right for you. Student government also has elements of hierarchy that require demonstrated commitment in order to move vertically in the organization - so it’s pretty important to plan ahead to get where you want to go!

Today, Moriah will be describing participating in student government at both the high school and college level. As a former member of student government at Cornell, Moriah has plenty of expertise to answer all of your student government-related questions!

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Undergrad College: Cornell University '21

Major: Policy Analysis & Management

Work Experience: Outside of mentoring students on CollegeVine, I’m interested in finance and it’s intersection with the fashion industry. I currently work in finance for an international consumer packaged goods company.

My Admissions Story: Throughout high school I was especially interested in math and science and focused my college applications on schools with good science and pre-med programs. When I got to college I took my first introductory chemistry class with an incredibly difficult professor (he is one of the AP Chemistry test writers every year). After that, I decided to switch gears and focus on public policy as another way that I could help people.


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