How to get into Cornell University

Recorded Tuesday, October 12 at 11:00 PM

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Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

Founded in 1865 in upstate NY, Cornell University is a member of the Ivy League and one of the United States' most elite universities.

Don't miss this chance to join Moriah as she walks you through the Cornell student experience with insight from her time there. Moriah will cover the school's recent acceptance trends, academic preparation, crafting an extracurricular profile, and writing the essays.

Stop by or stay for the whole stream to learn how to optimize your application for Cornell!

School information

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY
Your host

Undergrad College: Cornell University '21

Major: Policy Analysis & Management

Work Experience: Outside of mentoring students on CollegeVine, I’m interested in finance and it’s intersection with the fashion industry. I currently work in finance for an international consumer packaged goods company.

My Admissions Story: Throughout high school I was especially interested in math and science and focused my college applications on schools with good science and pre-med programs. When I got to college I took my first introductory chemistry class with an incredibly difficult professor (he is one of the AP Chemistry test writers every year). After that, I decided to switch gears and focus on public policy as another way that I could help people.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Moriah and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
13:39@cordelia.d25:If you want to change your major, do you have to change colleges?
15:07@abcde:is it difficult to double major in Cornell Engineering? (like the courseload and stress level, not necessarily the logistics of double majoring)
16:06@senior2022:Is it possible to double major across different colleges or double minor across different colleges?
17:13@B.Williams:How about the difficulty if doing your major, and then minoring in a different school?
18:20@JS1234:what's the admission rate for each school?
36:17@Boston2022:Do Cornell re-calculate GPA for core subjects or all subjects?
43:01@Boston2022:Do you earn credits for AAP subjects?
45:05@AMnik:Do you recommend taking an online design course for the Design and Analysis major in the College of Human Ecology?
45:35@senior2022:Is there a specific college vine chances calculator for IB students as IB students don't have GPA and Honors Classes?
45:38@marci:please how does it calculate percentage grades for international students? calculate percentage grade systems.
51:17@marci:It does not work for Canadians with percentage grading systems
51:20@marci:We do not have GPAs
51:21@marci:My son has a90@ average which is an A
53:34@marci:In Ontario A is from 87-94. A plus is 94 and above. So there is quite a range. It may be different in other provinces. I cannot use the chancing system
56:31@kc1234:I have good grades in AP subjects, but not good AP scores. Will that negatively affect my chances?
58:06@AMnik:Do you have the ED acceptance rate for each of the colleges?
59:57@JS1234:Do I need to send official SAT score during application?
60:02@Boston2022:What would be the ED acceptance rate after excluding legacy and sports? I am interested in College of Engg.
62:21@kc1234:I have a SAT score in the low 1500 range. Is it worth taking the ACT as well?
62:26@JS1234:If the school is test optional and I decided to send the SAT score, is self reported score enough or shall I send official test school?
68:54@marci:Is there a benefit for an alumni interview?
69:39@kc1234:I am interested in pre-med. Should I apply with a major or as an undecided major? Which one will increase my chances?
71:57@Boston2022:What about 3 words to describe you and 3 words to describe Cornell?
73:58@22graffeod:Do you have any tips towards the human ecology school in particular?
76:22@B.Williams:Since PAM is doesn’t really exist outside of Cornell, what program would you say is most similar to it outside of the school?
79:12@pico:do you need a portfolio for the fashion major?
81:22@kc1234:Is it better to come up with your own topic for the personal essay on the common app or is it better to use a prompt already given?
82:51@pico:thank you


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