UC application: what to do before hitting submit

Recorded Tuesday, November 30 at 12:30 AM

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We know that if you're a senior targeting the UCs, you're probably working hard on wrapping up your application! That's why we created this stream to help answer all of your last minute questions.

And if you’re not a senior, this can be an opportunity for you to learn more about the admissions process so you can plan ahead.

Join Robert during this stream as he discusses the checklist you should run through as an applicant, from relevant documents to essays and everything in between. Don’t miss this chance to get personalized advice and guidance on your application!

Your host

Undergrad College: Yale University '21

Major: Ethics, Politics & Economics; Classics (Intensive)

Work Experience: As a recent graduate of Yale University, I am excited to begin my first year with CollegeVine! In many ways, CV was a natural fit for me -- at Yale, I worked for over two years in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, beginning as a Senior Interviewer in the summer of 2019, during which I interviewed over 200 first-year applicants for the 2019-2020 college admissions cycle. After the summer ended, I became Lead Recruitment Coordinator, a full-time position responsible for executing and overseeing Yale’s numerous post-admissions decision yield initiatives, as well as serving as a spokesman for the university both in person and online. Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of interacting with hundreds of students and their families at all stages of the college application process.

My Admissions Story: Having always been interested in studying a variety of subjects within the Humanities and Social Sciences, I applied to a smattering of liberal arts colleges and universities (mostly on the East Coast) with strong departments in these areas, large and diverse student bodies, and varied extracurricular opportunities. When my college admissions decisions rolled in, I immediately accepted an offer from my dream school, Yale University, which I had always felt best embodied the opportunities and goals that I desired from my college experience -- and since that day, I’ve never looked back.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Robert and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
1:08@anna14:yep we can
1:15@Darylyun:We can hear you
1:18@alexandra:We can see and hear you!
2:15@SeanAxiom:Hearing you loud and clear
3:15@Kadin:Are you sending out a recording of this?
3:20@fani:I can't hear or see you?
7:18@anna14:is the stream skipping for anyone else?
7:24@Pheobe:I’m I the only one who can’t hear anything ?
7:28@fani:I did refresh and leave and come back multiple times not sure why its not working
8:35@fani:I think it's fixed now for me at least
8:38@dhsin:It's skipping for me too.
8:40@bella22:it's skipping a lot and going in and out for me, too.
14:34@Henson:Should I submit my SAT score?
15:03@bli21:i’m not getting any sound if anyone else is
15:12@fani:How expensive is UC Berkeley for out-of-state students? And how likely are they to get scholarships because I don't wanna go if it's too expensive?
19:46@alexandra:How are my chances hurt of being accepted by being out of state (for UCLA, UCSD, or UCSB?)
23:37@EllaGrace:Yes! We can see and hear!
39:27@addi:can you be offered entry to the school but not your major?
40:55@serdarevichan:Should I enter my dual enrollment courses in both the high school course section and the college courses taken in high school section?
42:23@IsabelaFermo:If we have transcript issues / no access to final grades due to switching schools or the pandemic, how should we go about applying?
43:37@addi:can you be negatively impacted if personal insight essays are mediocre
50:02@fani:do all their scholarships require more essays
50:24@fani:Do colleges in general prefer AP over dual enrollment or does it not matter? because my school offers a lot of dual credit but only one AP class
50:32@Henson:I am an international student who has completed three years of high school in the U.S. I am wondering whether submitting an English Proficiency test would help me apply (It's optional to submit the test score according to the website.)
53:39@Henson:Thank you so much! That's helpful!
60:48@Ryan_S:Sorry I joined late, I was wondering what the ideal number of activities and awards would be
60:53@Summer:Do we submit a transcript with our application?
62:14@Kefe:How important are the planned community college courses? Does it hurt to not mention them?
63:03@alexandra:If I put detailed explanations of activities that I did not make too clear in my activities sheet in the additional comments section is that okay? In the activities sheet I put "see additional comments" because I ran out of space to explain my activities and what I did. Should I not do this?
64:38@Darylyun:If you have some what of a mediocre test score will that weigh against you since it is optional?
65:46@alexandra:Are UC schools accepting teacher recommendations?
66:21@Ryan_S:Should I report 3's on AP tests?
67:29@Mary888:UC is SAT blind, but the application asks you if you want to report your score. Is there any value in reporting your score if it is high?
68:14@Mary888:i've heard that if you apply for a major that is not very popular, it is easier to get acceptance. Then once in the school, you can change majors. What are your thoughts on this?
70:53@Summer:Thank you so much!
71:21@Ryan_S:Is it easier to transfer to UC's from non-California schools?
72:58@Sakura:If the major I'm interested in is only offered to juniors, how do I explicitly indicate what I'm interested in studying?
73:59@bella22:Do the UC schools have a quota they have to meet for accepting in-state residents?
75:47@Michelle123:I accidentally put the wrong social security number into my application, what should I do
76:57@Michelle123:This was actually for my Cal Sate applications, and I just submitted. Should I call an individual school admissions office?
77:51@fani:how hard is it to get a full ride to berkely if you're an out of state student
79:38@fani:Thank you!!
80:12@bella22:Thank you!!
80:27@Ryan_S:thank you
81:15@serdarevichan:Thank you so much!!!
82:06@Darylyun:Thank you so much! It was very helpful for the application process. Thank you


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