How to Write the Yale University Essays 2020-2021

Recorded Wednesday, September 16 at 11:00 PM

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Learn how to write an awesome essay for your Yale application.

Hale Jaeger, a recent graduate of Yale University, will provide an in-depth breakdown of each of the Yale essay prompts, discussing how to write a great essay in response to each one. He'll also share his take on the essays and topics you shouldn't write about for each prompt.

Finally, he'll open up the floor for a Q&A session, where he'll answer any and all questions about the Yale essays.

Your host

Undergrad College: Yale University '21

Work Experience: I am a senior at Yale and excited to begin my fifth admissions cycle working with CollegeVine. After four years of working directly with students, I can't wait to engage with the people and the process in new and innovative ways online.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Hale and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
17:40@anonymous:Is this being recorded if I missed the beginning
18:41@anonymous:Hey Hale! What format do you suggest for the "Teaching a Yale course" supplement? Perhaps - Course name: Description?
25:34@anonymous:Are applicants required to choose a desired major on their Yale application?
26:20@goldenretriever1:what are popular major at Yale? just curious
31:00@Maidin:Why you choose yale from other ivies?
32:52@sincere21:Is it negative to be redundant with some of the answers for these questions? Such as language arts being a class I would teach, an intellectual interest and why major? Or is it okay if it's your theme
34:20@sincere21:Should you talk about all those reasons for the "why yale" or mainly stick to one of them like specific programs?
39:33@sincere21:If I'm currently doing an activity/extracurricular regarding the intellectual interest should I bring that up in this essay? (this activity isn't already stated in my application)
52:44@sincere21:Just to clarify, would it be okay to address a specific Yale program or opportunity to bolster my confrontment of a societal issue that differs from my answer of the why Yale essay?
57:10@anonymous:Should the intellectual interest be in a completely different discipline?
60:08@goldenretriever1:what differentiates Yale from other Ivies?
60:34@MWGVINE:How can we find your other streams past and future?
61:07@Fran:Is it good to write essays about things that are supported by your activity list/academic classes
61:52@goldenretriever1:if i cannot visit campus will that be a negative
62:28@anonymous:Great job. Are you posting this session?
62:59@anonymous:You're a senior now. What do you wish you could tell yourself as a 12th grader applying to college?
64:23@anonymous:Are there major that intersect biology and math OR biology and economics. Can we pick them as first second or third choice
65:21@anonymous:Is Yale test blind? We couldn't take SAT test in CA since COVID pandemic.
66:02@anonymous:Did you apply Early Action (binding) or Regular Decision?
66:27@anonymous:What was the most interesting class you've taken at Yale?
69:59@Fran:Do you get a bump in acceptance by applying early admission? What %?
71:03@goldenretriever1:what's the framework to think whom to invite
72:55@anonymous:Do you think it will be harder to get into Yale this year because so many first years are taking a year off?
73:45@goldenretriever1:can you speak to Yale's music department? heard great things about the dept
76:59@goldenretriever1:i am a vocalist. shall i submit a video recording if i want to major in voice
77:03@anonymous:Sorry maybe I missed answer to this Why did Yale choose you?
79:20@goldenretriever1:what resources did you use when you applied for yale
81:16@Fran:Can you tell us about the Yale admissions interview? Any tips?!
82:29@anonymous:Is there a place where I can find all the possible majors Yale offers? There is only a fill-in-the-blank.
83:24@anonymous:Can you reapply to yale
83:50@goldenretriever1:did you take SAT subjects. are they required for 2022 grad
85:42@Fran:Does Yale accept AP scores for credit?
88:55@anonymous:Are SAT subject tests still required/recommended even due to COVID restrictions?
89:47@anonymous:How much weight goes into short answers v common app essay
91:42@anonymous:is there a certain website where Yale students post their experiences or suggestions?
92:43@goldenretriever1:are any Yale application readers current students
95:50@anonymous:What are some of your favorite Yale traditions?
95:53@anonymous:what is Yale's spotlight?
99:17@anonymous:What is you advice to get started on the writing for the essays?


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