How to Write the Yale University Essays 2020-2021

Recorded Tuesday, October 6 at 11:30 PM

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Yale University

New Haven, CT

Learn how to write an awesome essay for your Yale application.

Hale Jaeger, a recent graduate of Yale University, will provide an in-depth breakdown of each of the Yale essay prompts, discussing how to write a great essay in response to each one. He'll also share his take on the essays and topics you shouldn't write about for each prompt.

Finally, he'll open up the floor for a Q&A session, where he'll answer any and all questions about the Yale essays.

School information

Yale University

New Haven, CT
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Undergrad College: Yale University '21

Work Experience: I am a senior at Yale and excited to begin my fifth admissions cycle working with CollegeVine. After four years of working directly with students, I can't wait to engage with the people and the process in new and innovative ways online.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Hale and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
18:20@anonymous:Are the word counts maximums or can you go a word over?
18:47@anonymous:How do we start answering the short answers? For example do we write "I would contribute ... to the dynamic of the suite..."
19:29@anonymous:for the course you would teach, is that something fictional or should be based on what we already know?
19:59@anonymous:are these questions separate from the main college essay
20:18@anonymous:When it says past what does that mean? Can they be deceased?
20:39@anonymous:Would personal success be a bad drive for this essay?
21:59@anonymous:For the short question that asks what inspires us, can it be a person?
22:29@ColinS:I'm a big fan of puns. Should I go with my instinct and drop in a few or steer clear from them altogether?
23:24@anonymous:Can you please repeat which short answers shouldn’t be full sentences?
23:54@anonymous:Can the inspiration question be on the goofier side if it still has meaningful implications?
24:21@anonymous:how many pages do we have to write for the essay?
24:52@anonymous:Is it possible to make your narrative "too unique"? Many people suggest picking an odd topic to stand out, but can you create a stand-out factor without writing about something obscure and quirky?
25:42@anonymous:Would you consider one of the questions as being the most important?
34:50@anonymous:I love so many things about Yale, would mentioning quirky name for the mascot be immature?
35:21@Valen_1014:I'm from another country, do you know if I can write my essay in my native language or it has to be in English?
35:31@anonymous:what if my main college essay answers the why major, should i repeat that information, say it in a different way etc.
36:18@anonymous:What if your backup major is to have fallback ie really hard to make it in orchestra industry so having backup degree as fall back option
37:02@anonymous:what if it's hard to connect them
38:05@anonymous:Would it be cliche to talk about the people and community at Yale as something that made you want to apply?
42:21@anonymous:Does the intellectual interest have to connect to your intended major?
42:37@opsgerm:Is it necessary to follow this structure?
42:58@anonymous:can the topic be a fake one? like for example potions
43:40@anonymous:I am most interested in literature, but have already talked about it in several other essay questions. Would it be redundant if I talk about it again? Should I talk about another area of interest?
44:19@anonymous:is something like ornithology too broad
44:42@anonymous:Can a student switch major after being admitted?
54:31@anonymous:How do we know which issues are Yale's value? Would you please give some samples?
55:26@anonymous:Could i end the community essay with how i could apply what i've learned to something at yale?
55:54@anonymous:my personal statement is related to my friend group. Could I expand on it with the community essay?
56:35@anonymous:If I had gone a a church mission trip during a summer of my highschool year to server in a homeless shelter. .would that be appropriate for this essay?
57:14@anonymous:Do you have to link our commonapp essay to the yale specific ones
57:51@anonymous:Are the supplemental questions the same each year?
62:38@Valen_1014:I'm from another country, it's fine if I talk about some of my countries issues and how I have learned from them?
63:06@anonymous:Any adice for those didn't apply EA, can that be interpreted as less commitment to Yale?
64:37@anonymous:If you got deferred from early action, would the application be moved to the regular decision?
64:52@anonymous:For community, can I talk about an NGO i've started and the community is my team?
65:09@anonymous:can you talk about Yale's residential college system?
67:57@anonymous:are the suites girls and boys or is it girls only/boys only
69:07@anonymous:Are you a part of the Whiffenpoofs? i think i saw one of your performances
69:27@anonymous:How safe is at Yale? How do get around outside Yale?
70:44@anonymous:I heard that Yale is ignoring SAT scores this year, so do we refrain from listing our SAT score at all?
71:11@anonymous:For the "Why Major" essay, do you HAVE to include why you want to study that major at Yale? What if you don't have enough space?
72:03@anonymous:Yale has a pretty big campus. How do you get around?
73:11@anonymous:what is your favorite thing about Yale.
75:33@anonymous:Did you connect with anyone affiliated with Yale before you were accepted?
76:04@anonymous:What kind of high school did you attend? How was the collaborative space at Yale benefited you in your specific areas of study and interest?
76:56@bk69:Do students experience FOMO from secret societies or Greek life?
78:38@anonymous:Does not getting an interview hurt your chances?
79:07@anonymous:Did you apply to a lot of other colleges (regular and Ivy)?
79:37@anonymous:Does Yale offer merit scholarships
81:08@anonymous:how diverse is yale?
82:31@anonymous:Will you still receive needed financial aid if your parents make more than the 65k cut off?
83:19@VADumdum21:Would you suggest submitting the supplementary applications for some arts even if it is not your major?
83:59@anonymous:How do you recommend we research to learn more about Yale?
85:23@anonymous:Do we have international cultural show event at Yale?
86:17@awash123:Do you have any advice for students writing that have not had the chance to visit Yale in-person?
86:56@anonymous:Do you learn directly from professor or TA in the classroom? How easy to reach professor?
88:19@VADumdum21:Is your schedule all online right now or hybrid?
88:39@anonymous:Does Yale have campus at other location or other country?
89:39@anonymous:Would you suggest that when writing the common app essay when applying that you include a bit about your religion?
91:09@anonymous:Does Yale have study abroad program? Can we find the info on the website?
91:56@anonymous:do you offer personal help on essays?
92:43@anonymous:Is it true that Yale is more strong on humanity than STEM majors?
93:29@anonymous:what are the job and internship opportunities like at yale
94:31@anonymous:is speaking about a "controversial" topic too risky.
95:15@anonymous:What if i am undecide on what major i want to choose, what do you suggest I write under the why this major section?
95:49@anonymous:Do you change your college or stay with the college you are assigned in your first year?
96:13@Samad_Farhat:How will COVID-19 impact the overall experience that Yale University proffers for a student, especially without the existence of attending the university in-person?
97:25@Filiss:Would you recommend Yale for pre health track?
98:11@anonymous:Does Yale admission focus more on extracurricular activities? Thanks
98:28@anonymous:Is neuroscience a popular major at Yale?
98:58@anonymous:what are some fun on campus traditions
99:39@anonymous:Is economics and business popular at Yale?
99:54@Samad_Farhat:Overall, what are the most invaluable tactics you would advise one to utilize whilst composing essays in the application for Yale University?
100:26@anonymous:Do you need to tell the major in the application? How easy for undecide to change major to pre-med?
101:19@anonymous:In "Why Yale" essay, is it bad idea to bring up other schools and compare?
101:53@anonymous:do you think order of extracurricular matters in the common application?
103:01@anonymous:Where do students get summer interns? NY or Boston, or some other places?
104:49@anonymous:I am a bit late, but have you talked about the most unique experience you have at Yale?


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