How Passion Projects Can Increase Your Admissions Chances

Recorded Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at 11:00 PM

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About this livestream


Admissions committees often look beyond academic achievements and grades to gain a deeper understanding of who you are as an individual and what you can contribute to their institution. Passion projects offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your unique interests, skills, and personal growth.

During this livestream, GP LeBourdais will explain the admissions benefits of passion projects and how you can create your own project this summer. GP works at Polygence (, which is an online research academy dedicated to mentoring high school students. Tune into this stream to learn how to boost your admissions chances while pursuing your passions!


GP LeBourdais

George Philip (GP) LeBourdais is a former high school teacher, Fulbright Scholar, and the Head of Strategic Initiatives at Polygence. He holds an BA from Middlebury College, an MA from Williams College, and a PhD from Stanford in the History of Art & Architecture. GP worked as a Graduate Consultant for Stanford’s Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning to help instructors across the university improve their teaching. Before joining Polygence, he held a two-year postdoc as the Research Program Manager at Stanford’s Digital Humanities lab, the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis.
Your host

Undergrad College: Georgetown University '21

Major: History; Minors in French and Russian

Work Experience: The college applications process is all about responding to one question: who are you? I am passionate about helping students craft a creative answer. I have been helping students gain admission to the T25 schools of their dreams since 2018, when I first started working for CollegeVine as an Applications Consultant, and later, blog writer. Soon after graduating from Georgetown, I started my own company to make college advising my career. I currently mentor students through one-on-one consulting sessions and essay editing.

My Admissions Story: My admissions journey began with a desire to dive into the humanities and have an adventure of self-discovery. I applied to East Coast liberal arts schools that value creativity and specialize in teaching languages, history, and international affairs. One thin deferral letter came in the fall, a thicker envelope came in the spring, and with that, I was accepted to my dream school — Georgetown University!

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