Is your student on track to get accepted to their dream school?

With our data-driven technology we help students and their families create a roadmap for the rest of high school.Create a plan for high school today

From beginning to end, how does the 
Profile Analysis work?

Students and their families get access to our Profile Analysis tool as part of our Early Advising Program

To assess a student’s academic profile, we input his or her unweighted GPA, classes taken, and standardized test scores into our engine which uses our algorithm based on hundreds of thousands of data points. The algorithm shows students and their families which areas need improvement and by how much, and also what areas are on track for acceptance.


Extracurriculars and summer activities can be grouped on a scale of 1 - 4. Tier 1 activities are ones through which a student has received outstanding levels of recognition for leadership or achievements. Tier 4 activities are usually more common and the student has shown less commitment or success in the activity.

Our algorithm calculates how extracurriculars stack up against those students that accepted to a particular school. We're able to recommend activities a student should invest more or less time into.

This process allows for our expert advisors to gauge how far off or how closely a student’s overall profile aligns itself with accepted students to a particular school. Our advisors then work with students and their families to create a plan to increase their chances of acceptance.

Is your student on track in high school?

With so many items to juggle, including GPA, standardized tests, and extracurricular activities, many parents wonder if their student is on track throughout high school. While GPA is one indicator of success in high school, there are several other factors that parents should take note of.

This can be especially stressful for parents who want to help guide their teens to success — whatever that means for their child. Many times this means getting into a good college and choosing a major that will bring them both happiness and financial security.

However, without knowing for sure what a specific college is looking for, students and their families feel a lot of pressure as they prepare for college admissions. So, how do you know if your student needs to make changes or if they’re doing just fine?

We’re here to help! We’ve taken the admissions data from the over 10,000 students we’ve personally worked with to develop an algorithm that assesses how a student is positioned for their target colleges.

What factors does the Profile Analysis look at?

We examine a student’s profile against thousands of data points to determine how they rank against other potential applicants in several areas. With this data, we make recommendations of course choices, target scores, which standardized tests to invest in, and more.


We answer questions like:

  • How many and which AP and honors classes should my child take?
  • Which standardized tests make the most sense based on their goals?
  • What grades does my child need to achieve?
  • Is my child developing the skills they need for college and life success?
  • What extracurricular activity should my child explore?

This tool shows students how their profile stacks up against others who have been accepted:

Once the weak and strong areas are identified, our expert advisors, who are recent graduates from top 30 schools, work with families to create a plan to improve weak areas and maintain strong ones.


What is the Early Advising Program?

This program was designed with underclassmen in mind. The goal is to help students develop their academic and extracurricular profiles by discovering interests, setting ambitious goals, and creating successful habits. Each student will get paired with an expert advisor who has graduated from one of the top 30 schools. The advisor helps students dissect their student profile through our Profile Analysis to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. After the analysis, a plan is created for the duration of high school. This roadmap focuses on improving the weaker points and maintaining the stronger ones.

Beyond the Profile Analysis, this program provides:

A Personal Advisor

assigned to help students navigate school and plan for college

Academic Advising

guides students to choose high school classes that help them reach their goals

Extracurricular Advising

helps students optimize their free time and the activities they participate in

Standardized Testing Diagnostic

helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses to they can prepare

Info on College Admissions

guides families though the confusing admissions process

Stress Management

lessens student’s pressure with deadline tracking and information to succeed

Do we get to pick the advisor that gets assigned?


Since our platform is 100% virtual, families are sometimes concerned about the assignment of an advisor to their teen. Before the start of a student’s program, they are able to view the profiles of different advisors and choose the one that they believe will be the best fit. If for some reason it isn’t a good match, we are able to assign a new advisor.

How can families get started?

Schedule a time to speak to one of our Enrollment Directors using the form below

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