Early Advising Program

The perfect program to help 9th and 10th graders build strong academic and extracurricular profiles.

Is Your Child Getting Enough Guidance in High School?

In today’s public high schools, guidance counselors are overwhelmed. Due to tight budgets, their student load is high and they’re unable to give each student individualized attention. Further, many students and parents are unsure what questions they need to be asking.

College admissions is a gateway, but what really matters for long term success is that students are prepared to be confident leaders and achievers, with well-developed communication skills and strong degrees of self-awareness into their own strengths and weaknesses.

How do we help?

Combining guidance with engaging content, insider strategies, and personalized analyses, our program provides students with the tools to succeed. As students learn from successful older peers, they develop confidence, autonomy, and critical thinking skills. The ultimate goal is for college admissions to just be the next step in series of successes driven by the student.

We’re building stronger students, leaders, and achievers, and we hope you’ll join us too.

Developing a Student's High School Resume

Families often struggle to understand how their student truly ranks outside of their high school. With college admissions becoming more competitive each year, it's important to understand what areas your child truly needs to work on.

At the start our program, students get a roadmap for the rest of high school after going through our Profile Analysis. We use real admissions data and take into account a student's goals and current profile, including academics and extracurriculars, to help them understand how they compare to other students with similar goals.

Students will learn:

  • How many AP and Honors classes to take
  • What SAT scores they need to achieve
  • Which standardized tests are a must to reach their goals
  • Extracurriculars they should be involved in
  • How to improve their GPA

– Hanley M. (Brown PLME)

My advisors were more than just my academic and extracurricular advisors — they were my friends, people with whom I forged comfortable relationships. I can’t even begin to thank CollegeVine for all they have contributed to my growth as not only an Ivy League-bound student, but also as a person.

How Strong is Your Child’s Profile?

With more applicants applying to college each year, admission is getting tougher and preparation is starting earlier. Understanding where your child stands among thousands of other students from various backgrounds and high schools can be tough.

That’s why we built our Profile Analysis tool — this tool uses real data from thousands of students to help you understand what areas your child needs to work on.

We’ll help give clear answers to the following so your child can build a profile that will help them meet their goals.

What classes should your child take in high school?

Our program will advise how many and which classes your child needs to take. This is based on our extensive data working with over 10,000 students.

How can they improve their grades?

Many students' grades are impacted by lack of motivation, dealing with test anxiety, or shyness preventing them from asking for help. Our Advisors are trained to help motivate students throughout the program and keep them on track to meet their academic and extracurricular goals.

What summer programs should your child apply to?

What a student does in the summer is extremely important come college admissions time. We'll help your child find the right programs and guide them through applications.

A Program to Help Underclassmen Succeed

High school freshmen and sophomores benefit greatly from getting a head start.

9th Grade Program

For freshmen, our program focuses on developing a strong academic and extracurricular base. More time is spent on teaching the habits and philosophies behind how to approach high school successfully. Our Advisors also play a significant role in helping students develop their interests, which eventually serve as the "hook" for their applications many years later.

10th Grade Program

For sophomores, our program guides students down the path to successfully execute on a strong junior year (often the most important year for college admissions). Extra focus is spent on choosing the right classes, developing sound academic habits that will be necessary for junior year (and college!), building extracurriculars and summer activities, and preparing for the college admissions process in advance.

Our high school advising program includes:

Personal Advisor Pairing

Each student is paired with a personal advisor who is a graduate from a top 30 college. All advisors go through a rigorous hiring and training process.

Plan Creation

Each student will work with his or her advisor to develop an extracurricular, academic, and standardized testing plan to help them meet their specific goals.

Academic Advising

The Advisor serves as the student’s academic advisor, providing personalized insight and clarity into choosing classes, meeting academic milestones, and preparing a standardized test portfolio.

Extracurricular Advising

The largest topic of discussion between students and Advisors is the student’s extracurricular profile. We help students best position themselves for impressive activities, strong leadership, and a thematic profile.

Admissions Insights

We became a nationwide brand because of our proprietary admissions curriculum and insights, powered by the thousands of students we’ve worked with. Students have access to all of our learnings so they can stay ahead.

Profile Analysis

Using data from the over 10,000 students we've worked with, we will analyze the student's profile using our Profile Analysis tool to let your child know which classes to take, what test scores they need, and the extracurriculars to participate in.

Summer Application Assistance

Admissions officers care about how your child spends their summers. Advisors help students find opportunities and complete stand-out summer program applications.

Rapport Building & Relationship Development

An essential part of our program is helping students develop strong social skills to build excellent relationships with teachers, counselors, and external figures. We teach students the core elements of relationship building and how to stand out within a community.

Stress Management & Social Development

High school can be extremely stressful. Our advisors are trained to help motivate students and keep them on track to achieve their goals.

Some of our student successes:

Here are just a few examples of the difference our program has made in our students' lives.


High school freshman to sophomore

"I'm not really sure what my interests are. I also don’t know what clubs to join. I want a mentor to help me in these areas."

After working with his Advisor for a year, he...

  • Discovered an interest in film and created a movie critic blog with his own analyses.
  • Joined 4 clubs, including 1 leadership position & 2 awards... as a rising sophomore!
  • Reported a "sense of responsibility for his own future" and became very self-motivated.

PJ's mom

Current high school sophomore

“PJ has changed so much this year. It's incredible! We are so pleased with everything since [Ethan] started working with him. Thank you so much for inspiring him!”


High school freshman to Harvard freshman

"To be honest, I'm kind of nervous because my guidance counselor told me that our school doesn't really send kids to top colleges. I feel like I’m pretty smart but I don’t know how to gain an edge."

After working with his Advisor for 4 years, he...

  • Discovered a passion for politics and community service.
  • Developed leadership skills, winning elections to many positions incl. head of 2K student conference.
  • Started charity that donated $5,000 to Bosnia (where he spent part of his childhood) as a final project.
  • Wrote an incredible college application & essay tying his high school career together, ultimately getting into his dream school.


Harvard class of 2020

“My biggest fear was not standing out in the admissions process, but my final project gave me a way to show my real passions on my app. Your advice has fundamentally changed my life! I could never have done it without you.”


High school sophomore to senior

"I get nervous in big groups and usually prefer to stay in the back... My teachers don’t really know me... I’m hoping this program will help me gain confidence."

After working with her Advisor for a year, she...

  • Discovered her passions for music and debate.
  • Developed an excellent leadership profile (Captain of Marching Band, Best Debater Award at Model UN, 2 other leadership positions)
  • Achieved perfect in-class participation grades throughout junior year.

SZ's Mom

Highschool senior

"She is such a different girl now! She is even running for Senior Class President next year (wow!!!!!!!) I can't thank you guys enough!!!"

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