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High School Mentorship Program

We’re bringing private school guidance to every family. Get your very own mentor to make the most out of high school.

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Don’t wait until senior year to get great guidance.

Our Mentorship Program is designed to help students discover their interests, become high performing individuals, and make the right choices early on in high school so that they are best prepared for the college admissions process come senior year.

We carefully pair each student 1-1 with a mentor from a top college, who works personally with the student for an entire year, helping them with academic advising, extracurricular development, and holistic college guidance.

Our students see real results

91% recommendation rate.

Our families recommend us to others navigating the process.

90% reported strong satisfaction.

Students are extremely satisfied with the quality of advising received from their consultants.

74% acceptance to 1 of top 3.

We help our students ultimately get accepted to their dream schools.

Prepare ahead to make the right choices:

1:Get a custom roadmap to succeed each year

It can be unclear how certain decisions early on in high school will affect your admissions outcome. Common questions include: “Should I take honors math as a freshman?” “Do I need to start volunteering?” and “Should I prepare for the PSAT?” After building you a custom roadmap for the upcoming year, your mentor will be there to help you think through these choices by shedding a light on how admissions works and what makes sense for your situation.

Should I self-study APs?

Especially if a student wants to stick to a passion like band, it can be hard to fit certain advanced classes into his/her schedule. So should the student take classes on the side?

Does National Honor Society matter?

It’s selective and has a pretty prestigious name — how much will getting in (or not) impact your admissions chances?

How do colleges view extracurricular activities?

When should students start caring about how they’re spending their time outside of the classroom? Do admissions officers even think about that?

Receive high quality academic advising:

2:Get help on choosing classes

Choosing classes happens once or twice per year and has significant effects on a student’s trajectory throughout high school. Most families make their best guess possible, but there are real trade-offs between certain courses, both in terms of grades (A in an honors class vs. B in an AP class) and future pre-requisites. Our mentors help students develop a plan via academic advising.

M. A.

Parent of a 10th-grader

I originally reached out to CollegeVine because our family was so overwhelmed with the class selection process. We wanted to give our son the opportunity to take classes that he was interested in, but we also wanted to make sure that the classes he chose gave him the option to stay on the right path academically for college. Thank you so much for helping us decide! We feel much more relaxed about our decision now.

Spend your time effectively outside the classroom:

3:Develop a unique extracurricular profile (including summers)

Our mentors help advise students on the best way to spend their time outside of the classroom, helping them to discover new interests that they might be passionate about and develop pre-existing activities to build a strong extracurricular profile. Students will learn leadership skills as they pursue their genuine interests, and admissions officers will naturally be impressed.

Understand the role ECs play in admissions

Sports vs band? Community service vs getting a job? We’ll show you exactly how admission officers think about activities and help you make the right choices.

Stand out from the rest

At colleges where admissions isn’t solely based on academics, your activities are what differentiate you from other applicants. We’ll help you develop ECs that get you noticed.

Get a handle on summers

Admissions officers look at what you did each summer. For some families, the options can be overwhelming. We’ll help you come up with an effective plan for those 2-3 months.

Reduce anxiety and understand where to focus your studying

4:Establish a standardized testing portfolio

It can be overwhelming to think about when to prepare for and take all those standardized tests — PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT II (OMG). The great news is you don’t have to take them all, but the ones you do take can have a significant impact on admissions and certain scholarships. Our mentors help students understand when to take each test and the implications of their scores.

Which tests?

With so many standardized tests that you hear about, it can be difficult to know exactly which ones you need to take. We’ll advise based on your situation to make sure you’re on top of it.

When to study?

Managing your time isn’t easy. During sophomore and junior year, when most tests are taken, it gets especially hard to fit everything in. We’ll let you know when you should start studying.

What does my score mean?

Once you get your score back, we’ll let you know how it’ll impact your college future, and we’ll guidance on whether or not you should consider retaking.

Private School-Quality Guidance — for Every Family

Personal Counselor Pairing

to provide your student with custom guidance

High School Plan Creation

to provide a roadmap for what to do, when

Course Selection Advising

to ensure that you pick the right classes

Extracurricular Advising

to help focus time where it matters

Admissions Education

to adequately prepare for college admissions

Standardized Test Strategy

to understand which tests to take and when to study

Summer Planning

to identify the most productive use of time

Monthly Progress Reports

for both parents and students so everyone is up-to-date

Career Exploration

to help clarify a student's goals going into college

Your Own Expert Guidance Team

Experienced, Near-Peer Mentorship

High school can get stressful, so it's important to have someone to rely on. All of our consultants are recruited from the most competitive schools in the country. They were recently successful in the college admissions process not too long ago, so they're great at relating to their students. Trained in CollegeVine's proven curriculum, your consultant will guide you through high school while making it much less stressful.

1-On-1 Sessions

Every student's situation is different. That's why all of our sessions are 1 on 1 with your very own Counselor, allowing for each session to meet your specific needs.

Meet a CollegeVine Consultant

Cameron Z.

Economics Major at Harvard

My favorite part is hearing the students get excited about success they have had. It is always a great feeling when your work is appreciated and actually makes a difference. I am currently working with a mentee who is trying to set up a program at his school where students will visit seniors at the local nursing home. Hearing him talk about his passion for the project, laying out the project plan together, and trying to help him succeed has been extremely rewarding.

Kenneth X.

Economics Major at Yale

I enjoy helping younger students discover and pursue their passions; preparing yourself for college applications can actually be extremely fun and rewarding if you're already doing what you love. After working hard in my first years of high school, college application season — for me — was a stress-free time for reflection and introspection. I just had to write down what I'd accomplished while chasing my dreams outside of the classroom. That's what the CollegeVine experience is all about.

Akila P.

Applied Economics Major at Cornell

I love being able to go back to the feeling of when I was in high school and give genuine, quality advice to my students. I love knowing that I’m helping and making a difference. With one of my mentees, we both shared a mutual appreciation for finance and it was so enjoyable being able to discuss what I wish I knew about careers in finance while in high school but also being able to share his ambition.

A Program for Each Year — Join Any Time!

9th grade program

Develop a solid academic and EC base, with time spent on teaching the habits and thinking behind how to approach high school successfully. We also help students develop their interests, which will serve as their “hook" years later.

10th grade program

Choose the right classes, develop sound academic habits that will be necessary for junior year (and college!), build strong extracurriculars and summer activities, plan for SATs, and prepare for the admissions process in advance.

11th grade program

Prepare for the incoming application process — junior year is often considered the most critical year for college admissions. In addition to standardized tests and EC advising, we provide students with a preliminary strategy for admissions.


Student, Class of 2022

I loved Zoe! She was so sweet and talking to her every week really helped me out a lot because she was always there for me. Also, it helped me to de-stress because talking to her made me feel a lot better about myself.


Parent, Class of 2020

Since enrolling my daughter in Collegevine's Mentorship program, I've seen her take the initiative in joining more extracurricular activities in and outside of school. Her mentor's encouragement and support has given her the motivation and courage she needs to step outside of her comfort zone. I have been very pleased with the program!


Parent, Class of 2021

I can already tell that having someone in charge of planning for my son's college admissions is going to pay big dividends. My son is responding so well to the structure and a schedule and accountability to keep him on track. I would love to help him but my career is very absorbing and I had to be honest with myself that I was just not going to have the time to make sure that all of these projects got done over the next 4 years to give him the best admissions package possible."

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