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Are Summer Programs worth it if I'm already doing dual credit? New Telluride TAOS?

I'm a junior and I've been doing dual credit from the beginning of summer and I plan on doing it until I graduate so I graduate high school with an associate's degree. I've been looking into different summer programs and they all seem to be normal college classes, and so it doesn't seem worth it to me since I am already doing dual credit at my local community college. I feel like it would only be worth it from a prestigious program but most prestigious programs are expensive and I can't afford it.

Do you know any summer programs for juniors that are open to applications right now (or soon)?

Another thing is that I remember looking into TASP but now they're closed. I noticed something new called TAOS which is basically a combo of TASP and TASS but I don't see much about it like I don't see any application link or idea of when they would have one up, so any help with that would be appreciated.


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3 years ago

A lot of great summer program applications closed either earlier this month or involve so much paperwork that doing them in the ~7 days until they are due is asking for burnout. Like, there is a summer program with an upcoming deadline (March 22 or so) but it has an 8.5% acceptance rate, and trying to give yourself the best chance to get in is something that isn't achievable in the 10 or so days you have left. I know a few other kids who have been working on the application since December.

But yeah, you are right. A bunch of pre-college summer programs is just "come to our college to take classes" but if you come from even a relatively nice school, there is no big reason to go. A lot of the courses they offer are offered at literally every other college.

I think there is a reason you aren't seeing an application or website for that "TOAS."They probably don't exist. I looked up the acronym online and found an art society that has been disbanded for over 90 years. I also looked at the Telluride website and they didn't mention anything either. So be skeptical about it. Especially if it is non-selective and has a tuition fee.

If you are looking for things to do during this summer, I recommend pursuing a personal project and leadership in existing organizations. Do a community service project for example. Loads of colleges love community service projects. And it shows leadership.

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