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Medicine and Music Passion Project Ideas

Hello! I’m a rising Junior and I want to start my passion project. I want to major in medicine or in the healthcare field and I love acting, singing and dancing. How can I incorporate my passions for the arts into my passion for helping others in the medical field? Thanks!!

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6 months ago

(Hey! I’m a high school senior who just got accepted to the University of Michigan and I found your question interesting)

Let’s see. In my essays, I talked about my love for theater and how that related to the studies of psychology and kinesiology (the study of movement). I also talked about how the process of cooking fueled my love for chemical engineering.

My advice would be to take a stately topic (such as movement related to dance or history related to the expansive history behind music theory) and relate it to the health care field! Start broad with your topic about the arts and narrow it down to something specific in medicine. Then talk about why those two things relate. The arts and the sciences are very similar. That’s why many colleges have a college of Literature, Arts, and Sciences. They’re kinda interrelated.

For example, you could compare the process of writing songs to the process of helping a long term patient. Or maybe you could associate the feeling of listening to music with the feeling of helping someone out!

I wish you the best of luck! And I really hope this helped! :)

6 months ago

Maybe you could volunteer at a hospital or pediatrician, where the doctors/nurses could mentor you, and sometimes you could sing or perform for the patients. I think that would put a smile on ill patient’s faces, and when your not doing that you could have medical experience by getting a mentorship from the doctors working there.


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