3 years ago
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Should I major in Psychology?

What other majors besides psychology could I do in college in order to learn about mental illness and how humans interact with the world? I want to shed light and pave a way for mental illness to not be such a taboo subject anymore. I’m a compassionate and understanding person and I want a career in which I help people. So besides becoming a therapist, are there other high paying jobs where I help people? I’m also drafting my passion project to execute this summer so what do you all think?


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3 years ago

If you're looking to major in Psych just remember that most jobs, especially if you want a high paying one, will require you to get further schooling. A masters at minimum will most likely be necessary with a doctorate required for the highest paying positions. If you aren't willing to commit to that much education you'll still be able to find some jobs but they might not be as involved in psych as you want and probably won't be high paying.

For your part about how humans interact with the world you might want to consider sociology. Sociology focuses on society/groups of people while psychology focuses more on the individual person. You could look into majoring in both too.

Some jobs to consider besides what @Melokenzie mentioned might be a school career counselor or career counselor, school counselor, special ed teacher (would need to get an education degree too), a faculty member who teaches psych, a research psychologist, corporate manager, or maybe even a market research analyst. Again, these all need 6-8 years of school most likely.

3 years ago

I don't know about the pay but a social worker came to mind. It's amazing you want to learn and help people.

1. Social workers help get minors out if bad situations. Often these kids will have behavior issues such as anger problems due to what they have gone through so it is essential someone with compassion helps them.

2. Sociologists study how peoples environment affects them. The major requires you take some psyche and you could make your focus how psychological factors affect how we interact with the world.

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