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how do athletic scholarships work?

i'm a junior and i wanted to start diving and do it competitively. i wouldn't mine getting like a small scholarship for it but how does that work?


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3 years ago

Hi @olivia, despite many, many students competing in high school sports, as little as 2% receive any type of funding for it in college. If you're looking for a college scholarship for athletics, you'll need to keep a few considerations in mind:

- Consider what level you want to play at. Schools can range from Division I to Division III in terms of athletic ranking, with a few other types of leagues available. The less competitive the league, the more likely you are to get a scholarship if you just started diving. D1 is usually reserved for students who are on the path to the Olympics, or at the very least, plan to break a few records.

- Connect with coaches. It's critical to start networking with coaches of the teams you want to play for. This can mean a lot of time spent reaching out to them on the Internet, via the school website, LinkedIn, or the team's social media. Try to be professional and make genuine connections - coaches can sense when someone's just pandering to them for a spot on the team. While having a good relationship with a coach can greatly boost both your chances of admissions and recruitment, keep in mind that it's not a guarantee.

- And finally, you need to be a good student, both on and off the playing field/pool/court. Coaches are looking for stellar student-athletes, who set a good example at practices and games, and have the grades to match. Make sure you're not neglecting your studies, and that you're being a respectful and role model teammate, so that when a coach finally sees you in action, it's a proper reflection of who you are. If you're wondering where to start with this one, talk to your current high school coach and teachers to see how you can best support yourself and your team.

For more information on athletic scholarships, check out this guide: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-get-an-athletic-scholarship/

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