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I scored a 1430 on my SAT (760ERW, 670M) should I submit that to NYU for business? Everywhere I look has different numbers for their mean ranging from 1420-1500 so i’m not sure which is accurate.


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3 years ago[edited]

Getting into Stern will be very challenging for you. Primarily because Stern is a much harder school to get into than the NYU Arts and Sciences. NYU had an overall 12.8% acceptance rate and the mean SAT was 1540, not 1420-1500. Last year Stern had 11,500 applications for 600 seats. Assuming a 60% yield rate, that means that the acceptance rate was 1000/11500 or 8.7%, not 12.8%. This spread is typical for top business schools at larger research universities. At UPenn the admit rate might be 5.7% but for Wharton is around 4%.

The 25%/75% percentile range at Stern is probably 1480-1550, so I wouldn't submit a 1430. I would downplay the NHS because that's become sort of a token award these days with over 1,000,000 members. If you are a recruitable basketball player to play on the NYU basketball team, that might be your ticket into the school.

Here is some CollegeVine content that will better explain what you need on your NYU application.




10 years ago, NYU was not as competitive. The same could be said about Tulane and USC. But now these schools have become extremely popular and even though the academics haven't changed, there are more and more applicants that want in.

Alternatively, I would look at the Poets and Quants website for undergraduate business schools. There are literally 40-50 excellent undergraduate business schools to choose from.

Good Luck.

3 years ago

Hello NYU school of business is hard to get into. With a score of 1430, you are below average but you can compensate for it with perfect essays and with a good GPA. What is your GPA? And do you have any extracurriculars?

3 years ago

You should absolutely submit your SAT score, regardless of whether it is higher or lower than Sterns average. This is because, due to the test optional nature of NYU's application, tons of people will either be too lazy to take the SAT/ACT, or get a score below 1200, and won't submit. Stern has no idea of knowing whether you didn't submit your SAT because you were lazy, or got a really terrible score. In the grand scheme of things, your SAT score is actually pretty good, and it's going to boost your chances a ton.

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