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Thanks a lot. Why was I waitlisted at a safety?

If I could give this website one star, I would. Waitlisted at a school that says I have an "80% chance" of getting in. Yeah right. I wouldn't recommend this website to a goldfish.

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Hey there -- sorry to hear about the waitlist. I know that's super disappointing, especially if that's a school you're really interested in. Note that there are still things you can do to get off the waitlist (I recommend following this: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-get-off-the-waitlist/ )

College admissions is always a game of chance (though with a lot of data you can get pretty good at it). Remember that if your chance is 80%, that means in 20% of cases you don't get in. In fact, if 100 people on CollegeVine had that school as a safety with an 80% chance, 20 of those students still wouldn't get in. If 100 people on CollegeVine had a 97% chance of getting into a school, 3 of them likely still won't get in. That's why you always want to have a portfolio of schools because the odds that you don't get into 2-3 safeties is pretty low (though still possible). If you're curious about how we perform on all the acceptance categories, check this out: https://blog.collegevine.com/is-collegevine-chancing-accurate/

If it helps at all, note that the admissions process this year has been really competitive across the board. With test-optional policies, many more students are applying to competitive colleges and that's driving down acceptance rates. Some community members are flagging this as well:

- https://www.collegevine.com/questions/27093/swarthmore-admit-rates-hit-record-6-95-low-from-7-79-last-year

- https://www.collegevine.com/questions/27090/colorado-college-acceptance-rate-hit-record-low-of-11-50-down-from-14-25

- https://www.collegevine.com/questions/27058/colby-college-drops-below-8-7-44-for-the-first-time-in-history

Anyway, obviously "the waitlist doesn't define you" and all that usual stuff -- I know that doesn't feel great right now so I won't write all that (though it is true, you'll definitely see that at some point in the future). But if you do have any questions about how to approach the waitlist process, or even how to make a decision across the rest of your schools, let me know and I'm happy to share my take and any advice.

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Then why the heck do you have this website? There is no purpose to it besides cheating money out of people for their shitty essays. Bye.

2 years ago

Again, I'm happy to help with any waitlist advice but this will be my last response on this thread about anything not related to your specific admissions next steps.

CollegeVine helps millions of students with every part of the process for free and we're really proud of it. I'm sorry you didn't get into a school you were hoping for. 20% of students with that same chance didn't as well; that's how probability works. We can always do a better job at making that clearer to people and we'll continue to do that.

Best of luck in the rest of the process -- we're rooting for you.

2 years ago

sad :(


2 years ago

I'm not sorry they were wait-listed. They have the worst attitude ever right? They were not rejected from a 80% chancing school and still have a good chance of getting in but instead they are blaming CV and the website because they have to wait for a couple months to see if they get in. Not only do they have no patience to the process, they have no understanding of math, probabilities and the college admissions process.

Here the lowdown:

80% CV chancing school means that if 100 people apply, then X# of students out of 100 get in Early Decision/Early Action, Y# of students get in Regular Decision, and Z# of students get in off the Waitlist. So in actuality it might look like 30 get in EA/ED, 35 get in RD, and 5 get off the Waitlist.

StinkyPotate is in the group of Z# students that is on the waitlist. They do not even have the patience to know if they get off the list. Instead they lambast CV and blame them for being on the Waitlist, when the Waitlist is just another line to stand in to get into college.

I hope they grow up and own their own drama in the future instead of blaming CollegeVine and abusing their privilege for using their resources for free. CV does not cheat anyone out of their money for essay reviews. Let's just be clear about that.


Props to @zpx3 for amazing supportive answers that this poster is really not deserving of.

2 years ago

1,000% agree with @CameronBameron. As a student from a relatively crowded and large public school, Collegevine is absolutely the best admissions support I have received with an uplifting support system of mentors and fellow students. Rejections or waitlists are in absolutely no way CV's fault.


2 years ago

You had a 20% chance of not getting in.

2 years ago

They still can get in off the waitlist. That's why blaming CV makes no sense.

2 years ago

One cannot blame anyone for NOT getting into a particular college. There are so many moving parts and most of them outside of the applicant's control. So far I got waitlisted by 3 colleges; not the end of the world. Life goes on.


2 years ago

A CHANCE-ME IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A GUARANTEE. collegevine can't really take into account your exact extracurricular situation, and it DEFINITELY does not account for your essays (which are extremely important to many colleges). also, what was the actual acceptance rate for the school? because you really need to be basing your chances off of that instead of anything else. with all due respect to collegevine, i think these chance-me calculations (in general) are really rather silly. how can anyone expect to have an 80% chance at getting into a school with, say, an acceptance rate below 30%?? i think if anything they're a little more useful for sniffing out your chances at target schools or similar, or just giving you a rough idea of the potential choices you will have to make. when the admit rate drops below 30-40 i don't think you can rely on chance-mes at all.

also, as many others said, fix your terrible attitude. putting it bluntly, if the AOs knew you were acting like this, you wouldn't be going anywhere. you didn't get in to this school - that's not collegevine's fault. it's the decision of the AOs. maybe you had some sub-par essays that collegevine didn't account for, or your ECs were not as strong as you thought. also, admissions this year have been more competitive than at any point in history!!!! you really can't be relying on a flippant calculation and then blaming CV when it's not 100% accurate...


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