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Does free Summer camps/programs like Girls Who Code look good on the application?

Hi, I did Girls Who Code summer camp and Kode With Klossy summer camp (both are coding camps), and I'm interested in pursuing Computer Science major.

However, these are free 2 week camps, and I think they're pretty easy to get accepted into. So, I'm not too sure if they're great ECs to include in the common app.


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4 days ago

Free summer camps actually look better than paid ones! Applications for these are generally much more competitive as with paid camps a lot of people are automatically prevented from applying due to an inability to pay for the program. Unless you have 10 other stellar extracurriculars that are far more impressive, I would include it!

4 days ago

Remember your activities should show involvement and diversity. Listing 10 "like" things isn't as powerful as showing diverse activities. As long as you don't have a ton of other coding camps, I think it's a good one to include!


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