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I’m taking A-Levels and really want to get into MIT

A little background:

I have an IGCSE Result of 4A and 4As (don’t know how that translates into GPA), and have just begun my A-Levels (August 2022). For A Levels I’m taking the following 4 Subjects:

Physics, Chemistry, Maths and CS. I still have to appear for the SAT and am positive I’ll get around atleast 1400 or above. As for extracurriculars, well, this is probably where I lack most. As of now I’ve done an internship for WWF, as well as some community service, and at school, am a part of 3 societies (MUN, Community service and Media). I like learning and applying new skills (for example I’m independently learning programming to develop apps and websites)

My main question:

I know that my dream college is highly competitive, possible one of the MOST competitive out there, especially for international students. I want to know things/activities that can REALLY help me stand out. I was thinking of taking an AP course, but here in Pakistan it’s really difficult to study and even give exams/tests for them. Any better ideas on how to really stand out?

(Sorry for the extremely long question, I really hope to get a professional reply, because my school only allows college counselling to A2 students, not A1)

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You certainly have a chance of getting into MIT! Here are some things you can do to stand out in the admissions process:

- You will not be penalized if AP or IB classes are not offered at your school. Colleges only expect you to take the most rigorous course load given your circumstances. So long as you are doing that, you will be fine. Continuing your independent learning will show that you are going above and beyond as a student.

- Your internship at WWF will make you stand out, since it is a well-regarded international organization and internships are difficult for high schoolers to get. Continuing this role or interning at other organizations will help you, especially if the internships relate to your spike

- The activities to add that will help you stand out should involve a high level of leadership and positive, real-world impact. This article has examples of what those types of activities look like.

- Lastly, highlight any diverse identities you may have in your essays and/or additional information section. If you identify as a part of a minority group within Pakistan, or you have a unique racial/ethnic or religious background, definitely talk about it. Other identities to mention include having a physical/mental disability and LGBTQ+ identity.

If you need any one-on-one help, I am here for you. Hope this helps!

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