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Will a 27 ACT Superscore be enough to get in?

Hi! I am a rising senior in the Class of 2021. I am sure this is a pretty broad question, so let me give you some background information. I am asking the Q&A this because I know that the people around me who know me personally will say yes, but I want to see what people think strictly based off of paper.

My dream school is the University of Florida, and I plan on majoring in Political Science with a Pre-Law track. My highest composite ACT score is a 25, but my superscore is a 27 because I scored pretty high on the English section (32). For UF, I am above average for English and below average for Math, but I am not majoring in a STEM field. I could be wrong, but perhaps admissions officers look at that differently since my major will not have that much math involved. Correct me if I am mistaken.

My Other Stats Include:

- Top 10% of my class

- 3.95 GPA out of a 4.0 UW scale

- 10 DE classes, 30 credit hours (based off of the end of my senior year, also my school does not offer AP/IB/etc, so I did the highest rigor possible)

- 4-year Tennis, 2 jobs, NHS, SNHS, Academic Bowl, Ethics Bowl, Photography Business, Student Council (these are so far, more could possibly come up later, such as Class President I hope lol)

These are just off of the top of my head. I also get different numbers all the time when I search. I am not sure if they look at subjects individually, or if they focus more on the composite.

Thank you in advance!


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4 years ago

So you are just out of the mid 50% for ACT as the middle are 28-32 so you definitely still have a good chance as GPA and rigor are starting to be more important than SAT ACT.

Also I don’t know what DE I assume dual enrollement if so that’s very good.

Besides ACT you are in phenomenal shape for U Florida.

If you are a Florida resident you have a better shot as Florida if out of state nothing changes.

In regards to your ECs things get a little bit iffy.

You don’t seem to have any leadership and if you are Class Prez it’s kinda seen as a popularity contest so it is not as helpful as you would think. The jobs are a good thing especially if you have any sort of seniority if you do mention it on the application.

Have you been in contact with Florida’s athletic department to be recruited in tennis if you do get recruited you might as well be garunteed admittence. If not otherwise your Hodge podge ECs are likely adequate. Try to get leadership in at least 2 organizations for a better shot such as an officer position.

U Florida does super score so you are in good shape there. Also what are your demographics as for Michigan as a white make I have 15% chance according to the CV algorithm but as a black male I have 80% while not pin point accurate demographics can heavily boost you so if you are a person of color you might as well have a 31 ACT.

Try using the profile in the upper left corner and fill it out then look at Florida you should in my opinion be hovering just at a 60-70% chance but essays rec letters play a huge part but if your essays are superb you have 80% if they are good you have like a 50%.

In regards to essays at a tech school I’m interested in someone who works there told me someone submitted an essay in binary so not a good idea don’t be edgy essentially.

Also if you have any family who are alumni you might have a small boost.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

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