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Difficulty with Grades

I'm having trouble keeping my grades up, as they are mainly in the B range with 2 As and a C. How can I study or get the most of my class time in order to bring my grades to just the A and B range?

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Hello! First of all, I don't think you should worry too much about A's and B's with one C. You're doing quite well. However, if you're worried about your grades, there are always steps you can use in order to raise them.

For studying, I'd recommend finding out what sort of learner you are. If you're a visual learner, it can be helpful to draw diagrams or comics about the subject. Also, there is a note-taking method called "Cornell Sketch Notes" that many visual learners find helpful. For auditory learners, it is helpful to listen to videos or podcasts about the subject, or possibly produce them yourself. Kinesthetic learners tend to find that building dioramas or creating various projects is helpful for their learning. Of course, reading and writing learners like taking notes on a text about a subject. Remember that most people don't strictly fit into these categories, and it is always perfectly fine to mix and match these ideas or come up with your own.

In terms of class time, you can take notes for later or ask your teachers for specific help with a subject. I'd also suggest utilizing any office hours your teachers may offer. There is also the option of joining a study group or a club about the subject if you feel that your peers would be able to help you understand. Tutoring is also an option.

Remember that your grades aren't bad. You're doing great. I wish you much luck.

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