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Should I take AP Statistics or AP Physics 1?

I'm trying to decide what classes to take in my junior year. Only 2 years of a language is required at my school, so I don't plan on taking another year of a world language instead, I want to take either AP Statistics or AP Physics 1. (I took physics accelerated my freshman year and I really enjoyed the class). I think I'm pretty good at math and I want to pursue a heavily math-based career.

As of right now, I plan on taking: AP Language and Composition, AP U.S History, Pre-Calc Honors, Biology Accelerated, Concert Band, Personal Finance (required class needed to graduate- semester class), SAT math prep (semester class), Gym, and my last class would either be AP Statistics or AP Physics 1.

@Veronica_1245 months ago

Bruh, I'm actually having the same exact issue. Idk if I wanna take AP Physics 1 or AP Stats

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5 months ago

my first question would be how many weighted classes you took sophomore year. it’s okay not to load on the APs if you don’t feel comfortable with the amount—don’t feel pressured to think otherwise. if you do feel comfortable with this load, i would say you should go for what interests you. for the sake of simplicity, i would not recommend taking 2 math classes at once and would take ap physics 1 this year and ap stats next year or not at all. hope this helps!

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