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Recorded Thursday, September 2 at 09:00 PM

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University of Pennsylvania | UPenn

Philadelphia, PA

Whether you’re going to the University of Pennsylvania for its esteemed Wharton business school, its Ivy League prestige, or its prime location in the largest city in Philadelphia, we’ve got admissions advice for you. Join Robert as he breaks down the admissions stats, application process, and expert tips for UPenn. Come for the advice or stay for the whole stream for a comprehensive guide on getting into UPenn.

School information

University of Pennsylvania | UPenn

Philadelphia, PA
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Undergrad College: Yale University '21

Major: Ethics, Politics & Economics; Classics (Intensive)

Work Experience: As a recent graduate of Yale University, I am excited to begin my first year with CollegeVine! In many ways, CV was a natural fit for me -- at Yale, I worked for over two years in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, beginning as a Senior Interviewer in the summer of 2019, during which I interviewed over 200 first-year applicants for the 2019-2020 college admissions cycle. After the summer ended, I became Lead Recruitment Coordinator, a full-time position responsible for executing and overseeing Yale’s numerous post-admissions decision yield initiatives, as well as serving as a spokesman for the university both in person and online. Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of interacting with hundreds of students and their families at all stages of the college application process.

My Admissions Story: Having always been interested in studying a variety of subjects within the Humanities and Social Sciences, I applied to a smattering of liberal arts colleges and universities (mostly on the East Coast) with strong departments in these areas, large and diverse student bodies, and varied extracurricular opportunities. When my college admissions decisions rolled in, I immediately accepted an offer from my dream school, Yale University, which I had always felt best embodied the opportunities and goals that I desired from my college experience -- and since that day, I’ve never looked back.

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Robert and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
7:37@Michelle2021:You left out their most famous alum Donald Trump. LOL
28:54@dev8:Is a downward or flat trajectory detrimental?
76:21@dinchz99:I had an illness during high school. Now after many years, I have recovered. How can I show admissions comittee that I can do the work and where will I get the letters of recommendation from after all these years?
78:29@mushroomboi:I'm interested in Mech Engineering and looking for some guidance how to prepare my self from my high school sophomore
80:15@fani:I took my SAT three times and got a 1510, then a 1460, and then a 1510 again a third time. My superscore is a 1520. But in order to superscore I would have to send in all my test scores. I was wondering if it would look bad to send them all in because I didn't improve and if anything did worse.
82:10@dev8:(Not specific to penn) Does collegevine consider legacy in its applications?
82:48@susan:My school has 25 plus AP classes, is it really the more the better or are 8 or 9 APs enough?
83:40@ThomasRuth:How does being an international student affect my admission chances?
85:10@fani:I recently became a certified EMT as my spike. I can't become an actual EMT until I'm 18 in a few months after college apps, but I was wondering if it would look useless if I just got my certification and didn't do anything with it on the apps. Technically I could join the squad as a cadet or trainee, but they don't do much and I don't know if I should join or wait.
86:37@cynn.thetic:I went to a rural, low income school for 2 years, then a suburban one for the next 2. The resources I was offered in the first 2 years set the course for the rest of my high school career. Will that taken into account?
87:11@cynn.thetic:If I get a rec from a freshman teacher who has been a mentor for me for all4 years of hs as opposed to one who I'm not as close with but I had junior year, is that okay?
87:59@ec.bythesea:How much advantage does applying to Penn at ED have? The admission rates have been higher for ED, is that for normal people without legacy and not athelets as well?


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