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What if the most important life decisions could be made more wisely?

Founded as Canopy Education Inc., our mission is to become the trusted source of lifelong guidance for the next generation, helping millions of families find paths toward better life outcomes.

Our vision is to be the lifelong guidance platform for the next generation.

We're the company that's showing millions of families how good guidance can materially change life outcomes. Our best known brand, CollegeVine, is revolutionizing the high school to college transition period.

And this is just the start. Our vision is ambitious: to be the lifelong guidance platform for the next generation. So if solving a meaningful problem at a fast-growing and category-winning tech startup sounds like the next chapter of your career, then we can’t wait to meet you!

Why join CollegeVine?

Here's what the team said were their primary motivations for wanting to invest the next chapter of their career at CollegeVine:

A meaningful mission.

Tired of doing mental gymnastics every morning to convince yourself that your work is meaningful and that you're not somehow making the world a worse place? Why not put your talents towards solving lifelong guidance for the next generation instead?

An intentional work culture.

Everything we do here, we do for a reason. We won’t get everything right the first time, but intentionality is fundamental to us to make it easier to create, analyze, and evolve a culture that truly serves us all.

Remote work done right.

We recognize a hard truth: to do remote work right, you can’t just take your existing habits and “do it all on zoom”. The entire foundation must be rebuilt from the ground up to support remote work, and it’s not easy. Realizing this is the first step to doing remote right.

Personal & professional growth.

We love talented candidates who are looking to challenge themselves, aiming to achieve their full potential. At CollegeVine, there are so many opportunities to learn and develop - where you start is certainly not where you'll end.

Wanting the best for their kids.

Parents are learning firsthand how broken the system really is and want to build their kids a brighter future they can be proud of. Joining us in helping the next generation decide how to allocate their most precious resource: their lives.

Some of our benefits

Generous medical, dental, vision insurance
Flex time PTO, and 12 paid holidays
Company-wide social hours
Remote office setup stipend
Free lunch every other Friday
Annual learning and development stipend

Excited to make a difference in millions of families’ lives?

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